Project Lauren / Modiste Designs launch night, finished bang on time!

Time to draw back the curtain....

Our work was done! The old shop false ceiling had come down (see here) as had the dividing wall, new changing rooms had been built along with a dividing wall between sofa and desk, the new lighting and sockets were fitted, everywhere was freshly painted in a taupe shade called Lauren and all the walnut cabinets were in place with matching shelves hung on the walls. Client Sue organised her fizz in the fridge, steamed stock on the rails and polished the floor – all in time for the 25 August…. phewf 🙂 I know that I’d said to Sue that it could be done in two weeks but even I knew how tight the schedule had been. Team Moregeous played a blinder and worked hard to complete within the time frame, bless ’em.

The two huge Pinch of Posh painted changing rooms to the rear of the shop were well used on the friends & family launch night, with plenty of space between the curtains and sofa front for a twirl & rear view check, all lit by a newly installed light above. We recessed all the stud work down into the already laid laminate flooring in case Sue ever wanted to change the flooring. Thinking ahead you see…. #ladybuilder 😉

The original three spot fitting was re-used above the till area and a vertical chrome pipe cleverly hid the cabling needed for the sockets in the centrally positioned desk. You can see the chrome pipe below, just cutting that lady in half. The extra width wall we built between sofa and desk worked well with it’s split level, allowing Modiste to utilise the mini-shelf for display or practical storage. There are to be walnut shelves made to sit on the two long tops to tie in with the walnut clothes hanging units. It’s important when building a low stud wall in the middle of a room like this for it to have the stability not to wobble if anyone leans on it, this one is 400mm wide, any narrower may be a problem.

The shop was buzzing with activity all night, lots of trying on, lots of wine drinking, lots of purchases. It was nice being around and watching people enjoy the space for the first time it was used, next time we renovate a house for a client, I’ll have to ask them if I can move in for  few days to see how they live in it. As if! It was good to be able to re-use the existing track lights to the left and right of the shop, with the addition of 4 new circular pendants illuminating the central area down the middle.

Nice job, nice people – wouldn’t life be wonderful if every contract was this straightforward!! I say that but, thank goodness, most of our work involves nice people, even if the houses sometimes give us trouble 🙂

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  1. What a terrific job! There’s a certain high profile NYC real estate magnate whose ethos is to deliver on budget and on time with a superior finish, much the same as team Moregeous have done here.
    Surely there’s room for one more at the top!

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