Origin 2011, contemporary craft at LDF 2011 – Part 2

Following on from yesterday’s Part 1 post, here are some more images from Team Moregeous at Origin 2011, the contemporary craft show which forms part of the brilliant London Design Festival. We liked these designs for lots of different reasons, there’s certainly no theme involved, all quite random:

Jennifer Collier

Beautifully delicate paper cut shoes by artist Jennifer Collier who produces paper ‘fabrics’ and whose work I’ve seen at the Manchester Craft Centre. I love the re-use of the different papers, especially the musical note stiletto version, quite fancy doing one of the art workshops Jennifer runs in Staffordshire… if I ever get a day off 🙂

Sun Kim

Being a housey lot, how could we not fall for these miniature beauties, tiny ceramic houses with trees as corner posts… now there’s an idea! Hand made by Korean potter Sun Kim, who is now based in London. I’d really quite like to build a life sized version of these, my own Grand Design.


Oh, I’m such a sucker for metallics at the moment, especially anything with the vaguest hint of warm radiance. This artwork by Sotis Studio Ceramics, called 24 carat gold and platinum raindrops, can be spaced and positioned in whatever configuration you would like on your own wall. I really liked how they looked like super sized glamorous door handles.

Another stunning installation was the Fouette light by Niamh Barrya Dublin based artisan company who design & make bespoke and limited edition lighting and furniture. Their interconnected, elliptical light gave off a soft glow, it looked like the lighting of the future.

From the future to what could well soon be the past 😦  I’ve a little place in my heart for all thing conkery this year, after watching my horse chestnut slowly get more and more poorly with it’s dreaded moth infestation. These fab and very lifelike horse chestnuts made by Penkridge Ceramics may well have to be an investment in the Moregeous household if we lose our beloved tree, amazingly lifelike, aren’t they?

Barbara Keal

There is no way on this earth that any one who hasn’t a love for craft and a sense of life couldn’t be enamoured by Barbara Keal. This is what she says on her web-site:

Big furry ears make me happy.

It might work for you too. Can you imagine the winter high street bustling with creatures? Foxes, badgers, the odd Minotaur, not to mention all the beasts you can’t name.

Could hats change the world?

I. Want. Some. Ears.

Laura Slater

I get so bored of seeing round pendant shades when I’m buying practical lighting that these shades by Laura Slater jumped out. I liked the bottom one in taupe/black and definitely feel there’s something in all these shapes, Laura even had a triangular one! I know her speciality is fabrics but this innovative use of them may be onto something 🙂

I try not to include items about which I feel negative and in fact I adore slate in all forms, including these slate plates… but £30 for two weeny bits of rock, seriously? *heads back up the M1 to Manchester and my reality of picking bits like this up from a beach*

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