Tent London 2011: Truly multi-functional furniture

For that last few years I’ve noticed a definite trend – what appears at Tent London, the cutting edge trade design show held at the Truman Brewery each September, usually appears everywhere else fairly rapidly pretty soon afterwards. With living spaces getting smaller and wallets getting slimmer, it was perhaps inevitable that furniture and design embraced multi-functionalism in a more radical way than just a stool which can also be a side table. For me what was most interesting was the fact that many of the designs incorporated an element of the educational, the abacus child’s chair, a library you can curl up in, counting, reading, learning….be interesting to see what turns up on the high street in a few years.

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    1. Eek! My GCSE French tells me you asked if the book chair can be found in Quebec?! I’m not sure specifically, but I’m sure you could commission someone to make one, or maybe it could be shipped from the original designer? Best of luck! 🙂

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