Handcuffs, rust & some tasty snacks, just a regular landlord’s week

It’s been a rollercoaster of a week this week, more so than most, with an exciting interview trip to London, two flats to sort for new tenants, a battle to come off extra strong pain killers for my bad back, an attack from a free-falling wok, a big ‘do’ to get ready for this weekend and various client jobs to try and fit in. It was always going to be a #fail of a week really wasn’t it – doomed from the start!! Why do I try and do so much. Oh yes, I’m a self-employed woman, that’ll be it 🙂

With all of that going on, I was obviously going to appreciate any little gifts which this week’s vacating tenants were to leave behind for me, you know, like flowers or chocolates. The vast majority of our rentals are left in a very tidy state, if you give tenants lovely places to live they generally treat them very well. Sometimes though, circumstances or laziness dictate that things aren’t left *quite* how they should be.

I didn’t get choccies or flowers this week. But I did get:

12 months of fat & grease which took 4, yes FOUR lots of Mr Muscle to clean off…..

A game entitled Guess Where The Rug Was….

A 90% chance of developing serious illness if I touched this urine rusted towel rail….

The chance to go through Didsbury Boots entire stock of toothbrushes cleaning the grout lines of this floor……

A little crunchy snack down the back of the sofa…..

Just in case I was still peckish after my crunchy snack, some spag bol to lick off the kitchen ceiling…

And then finally, Heavens to Betsy, a little surprise under the bed…..


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