Fabulous Manchester mosaic artwork against a Moregeous backdrop

Had an excellent day with local artist & friend Amanda McCrann who creates the unique, stylish and colourful artworks you can see in the slideshow below. We created a number of settings around the Moregeous rental apartments, hallways and gardens to showcase her artwork for the Not On The High Street on-line shop – it wasn’t exactly hard work on such a glorious day! That along with some delicious cupcakes which didn’t quite make it to the shoot…..

My favourites, I think (though it’s hard to pick!), were the ‘Love’ and ‘Kiss’ mosaics against the dramatic black and cream hallway wallpaper and the fun but cheeky Take Me Out Tonight with its toppled over champagne glass and polka dot bra 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See more of Amanda’s work HERE.

And soon you’ll be able to see her work along with all the other luscious interior and exterior goodies at Not On The High Street.

3 thoughts on “Fabulous Manchester mosaic artwork against a Moregeous backdrop

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  1. Sian, thank you so much for letting me use your amazing rentals for the mosaic shoot. Thanks also for all your energy and creative ideas, it was great fun working with you. Yes, the cakes were delicious too, what fab day. See you soon xxx

  2. Excellent work by Mcr mosaics, I love the work of Amanda McCrann, she is inspirational and captures every moment x

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