What do you *mean*, you haven’t…. a few must-haves in store for interior design 2012

Pardon? Your sofa is only one colour, you say. And it’s one single piece of furniture? How utterly passé.

What of course you do need, according to the style gurus at Interiors UK are block colour units forming a funky rainbow for the rear, as above!

And, please. Don’t tell me you’ve never prepared your potatoes with cream, seasoning, butter and a copper masher?…

And you’re not *still* stuck in that old habit of getting matchy-matchy floral cushions, are you?

What? You’ve not moved on from yester-year’s acrylic bath to a solid stone bathing beast yet?!

You don’t have giddy-up stirrups on your armchairs for those go faster moments?

Your white plastic light switches haven’t got smiley faces on them – do you even *have* a sense of fun?

And what good is that oak dining table you’ve got if you can’t roll back the top for a game of pool after pudding?

At the very least, THE VERY LEAST, please tell me your oven isn’t boring old stainless steel silver….

Of course I’m kidding, these were just a few of the more fun & unusual items I saw at Interiors UK 2012. A selection of the direction you might go in if you want to stand out from the crowd in 2012 😉

3 thoughts on “What do you *mean*, you haven’t…. a few must-haves in store for interior design 2012

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    1. Hi Martine
      One set was from a company called Fama but I think if you’re ordering suites in individual pieces like this, many companies will provide each unit in the fabric & finish you require. So you can achieve the personalised / customised look you want 🙂

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