A whole year has gone by since your funeral, I can’t quite believe it honey. You will always be there as a positive, smiling and giggling influence in my life. Never see a blossom tree without thinking of you xxx


The day nobody wanted to see had to happen on Monday, as Chelsea was taken from us on the 17th March after her two and a half year battle against cancer. A great honour was bestowed upon me when Chelsea’s mum asked me to speak at her funeral. Far too young and beautiful to have left us, Chelsea was very special to me and there was so much to say, the words came easily. To see the hundreds of people there whose lives she had touched and who cared so much for her was truly heart warming and as perfect as such a day can be, it was.

“Once upon a time, many years ago, a beautiful 6yr old princess called Chelsea lived with her sister Princess Jade in a little house, on a little street, in a little Principality called Cheadle Heath. One day a new neighbour moved into…

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