Sunday Summary: Plans, pancakes, a princess & a propeller

Little wonder I fell fast asleep on the sofa for an hour this afternoon, what a week!! Glorious weather meant we were inspired to start the last of the tenants’ gardens, a dullsville space with two overgrown weed beds and a very tatty path. I drew up a plan of how I wanted it to look, with lots of seating to get people out of the flats and into the fresh air, but the tree and her extensive roots had other ideas. The top left area is mostly the same but the bottom right seating round the tree has now been somewhat amended. It’s so important to make outside spaces for rental accommodation engaging and usable, not only for the inhabitants but for the neighbours to see – it should be obligatory! We even had a visit from a nearby princess, always good for local royalty to approve of plans 😉

Crammed into a week of digging, brick shifting, soil moving and planning  was all of the above and more. I popped down to last week’s utility room to check all was on schedule and give them some help with up stands, tiling and positioning. The room was still bare plaster but all the shelving and new storage was in and looking great. Tuesday saw a visit to my old sixth form for a chat with some of their uni goers about the less than usual career path I’ve taken. I enjoyed it and it was lovely to see some of my old, but still young of course, teachers again, and even have school dinners #chocolatesponge

At B&Q picking up some materials, we spotted the world’s oldest DIYers, bless em, it took him ten minutes to reverse out of that space. I think Mr M & I may still be shopping for home improvement goodies at that age 😉

I finished off a kitchen plan for a client ready to give to her builders and though there’ll definitely be a few changes and tweaks, the basics are there. Interesting how everyone wants to open up their dining / kitchen spaces now. I love the feeling of interaction those two joined up rooms give so Team Moregeous will help out anytime that’s the plan.

Changed my screen saver to the Labourer Labrador and finished off the week with a sleepover and pancakes & ice-cream for breakfast, but not after a flying visit, literally, to recce our first DIY Disaster home. Oh boy. Have we got our work cut out for us on Half Built House!

Manchester Evening News, I didn’t forget you but I think you warrant a blog post all of your own sometime this week x

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