Home planted peacock orchids in a giant Plant Cup

Plant Cup by Gitta Gschwendtner for Theo London

I spotted a tweet from Theo London this morning about one of their products for sale and it reminded me to post a picture of the fabulous oversized Plant Cup I bought from them last year, all planted with peacock orchid bulbs and ready to flower.

Sometimes you see a product on a web-site which looks incredible, but when it arrives it’s a little bit disappointing and not quite so fabulous – not so the Plant Cup. It’s huge, elegant and can really take a centrepiece plant.

I filled the cup with peat free compost and planted some B&Q peacock orchid corms (small underground stems) in June. They flower about 90 days after planting, which I didn’t realise, so it can be a good idea to plant a few every couple of weeks to stagger the flowering. They need lots of sun, plenty of water and feeding every so often. If you want this beautiful perennial to re-grow next year, simply dig up as the first frost starts and don’t let any frost get to them, then replant the following year. Store the corms in dry compost and to get more stems, separate the newly formed corms off the original stem, they multiply very easily by all accounts… I’ll be trying it this autumn #fingerscrossed

My outside stems have just started flowering which is lovely for September as many other garden blooms have died off, just waiting for the Plant Cup ones now!

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