Upholstery Project No 1: Re-padding a linen box lid

Really pleased with my first official attempt at upholstery, albeit very basic!

Having recovered four dining room chairs for our Exeter Half Build House using a combination of determination, adrenalin and staples, I was determined to improve my skills for Series 2 (if we are lucky enough to get one, the team are searching for 6 new DIY Disaster houses as I write!). So, I set aside my Monday mornings for the next couple of months to join a course starting in West Didsbury. Of course it takes much longer than a few weeks to to fully learn the intricacies and skills of a traditional upholsterer, but I figured that even if I learned the very basics, my understanding would be better than simply how to wield a staple gun! I’m a dab hand at upcycling with paint and can turn my hand to most things, so having the ability and confidence to carry out even minor re-upholstery would be a fabulous complimentary skill for me.

Gotta say, I’m mightily impressed so far. Amanda’s incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and the course has far exceeded my expectations. I’ve already stripped and re-padded an old linen box using some lovely teal and taupe butterfly fabric, but do feel like I need to find a bigger item to work on as the ladies round me are all working on amazing armchairs! Everyone has their own reasons for being on the course, some for work, some for pleasure, some just determined to make beautiful an old but beloved item of furniture.

There are spaces available for Monday mornings on the Barlow Moor Road class so if you fancy dropping in, get in touch with Amanda here: Plush Upholstery.

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