How Bond’s Skyfall captured current interior design trends

Reviewing films is not something we do here… design shows yes, food yes, lifestyle events yes… films no. However, for Skyfall there’ll be an exception as never before have I felt a film so captured an interior design mood of the moment. Was it intentional? Do set and location designers conspire to create something so harmonised in terms of all that’s going on at the cutting edge of design? That would mean that they’d have to have been forecasting trends before filming at least three years ago and have been spot on as to what would actually be picked up by designers, press and the consumer. It was so much easier in the past when a film in the sixties reflected the sixties as styles stayed much the same for a decade or so. Much tougher now.

I think that’s too much to ask of the filmmakers. Skyfall is simply the perfect storm of styles which come together to reflect the current movement in design towards authenticity, heritage and reclamation. A interiors storm that’s been brewing for a while, but is now captured perfectly by 2012’s Bond, James Bond 😉

Let’s see how….

Bond does Industrial:

Industrial trend, galvanised & rusted metal, over-sized pieces. Wallpaper by Andrew Martin, lights by Rockett St George & John Lewis and table by VintageIndustrialMetal

Bond does Concrete:

Concrete used as wallpaper, furniture, kitchens: Wallpaper by ConcreteWall, Lights by Benjamin Hubert, Kitchen by Martin Steininger

Bond does Verdigris:

Copper turns to verdigris: Table by FreshWest, Bird door knocker on Not On The High Street

Bond does Metal Furniture:

Vintage industrial table & chairs: See Ines Cole for similar, or Ebay / reclamation places etc

Bond does Vertical Timber Panelling:

Vertical timber panelling; Scrapwood wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek

Bond does Classic Timber Panelling:

Classic timber panelling: Engineer collection wallpaper by Andrew Martin

Bond does Scotland!:

Scotland! Roedeer head Rockett St George, Fabrics by Linwood, mounted antlers by HornyBeasts

Bond does Subway Tiles:

Classic subway / metro tiling: L to R Topps Tiles tiles, Deborah Bowness wallpaper, unknown

Bond does the Amber Glow:

Amber lighting: L – Unknown, R – Curiousa & Curiousa

What do you think, has Skyfall hit the nail on the 2012 interior design head?

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  1. Great post Sian – i was skeptical at first of whether it was a stretch to involve Bond in an interior design piece but it’s the little things that you have noticed and related that make the post!

  2. A great post to read and relate to design trends. Would be interesting to see similar posts for the older bond films ans see if there are similarities and how trends have changed over the years.

    Make take a while to do them all though 😉

  3. Good post! I was fascinated with the interiors from the first scenes at the Turkish hotel. But what about the classic design in M’s home and Ralph Fiennes office? I loved the paneling there as well as the brass touches.

  4. Finally someone with a design mind that’s seen Skyfall.. Can you describe to a layman the style of decor in the British govornment offices? Wth the 10-12 ft off-white walls with what looks to be cherry wood chair-rails and ornamentation? I love the way those rooms looked, and would like to research it a bit more for redesigning my office.


    1. Somehow I only just saw your comment Eric, so sorry!
      If you research on Pinterest and check out heritage / gentleman’s club, English oak panelling? The are some great company’s such as Andrew Martin, Koziel and Rockett St George recreating this look in a contemporary way, try checking out the Mad About The House blog too xx

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