Moregeous Blog Diary: Design Interiors 2013 Designer winter retreat for ladybirds

Little did I expect when heading down to this year’s Interiors UK at the NEC that the first interiors product to catch my eye and steal my heart would be designed for a ladybird! Readers of the Moregeous blog will know of my love for these little cuties & I currently have a homemade ladybird refuge made from pottery, straw & cardboard in our coldest room, housing about 24 ladybirds rescued from our warm south facing bay windows. If they wake up during winter due to warm temperatures, there simply isn’t any food around and they can starve to death if they don’t go back to sleep. This makes me very sad so I scoop them carefully up with a soft makeup brush & hibernate them in a cold place ’til Spring when the aphids appear on my rose bushes.
The first thing I saw en route to the Seminar Theatre was this small but quite fabulous display by designer Catherine Verpoort in this year’s Designersblock Department Store.

Her Urban Ladybird Kit is designed to provide a cool & contemporary habitat for city creatures, with the organic, yellow waxed & waterproof designed for outside garden areas and the funky little timber model made to hang from balcony or window sill plant pots.

I absolutely loved these two products and as pleased as I am with my homemade effort, will be buying a couple for Moregeous Mansions 🙂


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