My old Parker Knoll is turning into a bit of a ‘Stud’

Upholstery-collage-Feb13Getting there now with my latest Parker Knoll project and completely loving starting my week off every Monday with Andrea’s Didsbury upholstery class. I’ve learned so much from being hands on under her expert tuition, much recommended if you’re free on a Monday morning and want a positive & creative weekly wake-up 🙂

All my Ebay found Designers Guild silk is now fixed to the back pad and front of the wings, but just to make life more difficult for myself I decided to use a different and more hardy charcoal velvet to the rear of the wings and the rear of the chair AND to nail them on individually using the antique gold upholstery pins i got on-line (about £30 for 1000). I’m my own worst enemy but you’ll never learn if you don’t try eh?!

Was a bit nervous this morning when I started to tap them in…. but they look AMAZING! Ok, ok, some are a little wibbly wobbly but not bad for a first attempt. No-one will EVER be allowed to sit in this beauty 😉

In other news, still having nothing but headaches from the desperately-bad-for-rentals Utility Warehouse, who are now deliberately refusing to take my word on electric readings for one of our own flats. Jeez, they are USELESS!! Um, hello guys, you’re supposed to be there to help landlords who move all their properties to you…..

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