How to copper spray two white metal pendant lights

Upcycled and sprayed copper metallic lights against trompe l'oeil Rockett St George padded beige wallpaperFor Project Rivet, I’d decided on a very warm metallic feel to tie in with the deep blues, oak and creams, but it was proving hard to find exactly the sort of oversized copper coloured lights I’d imagined for the bedroom.

No matter, I simply created some! Using two fabulously huge white metal pendants found in an interior design sale, I  gave them a scratch key with wire wool, then cleaned off all excess dust and allowed them to dry thoroughly. I protected the cables using decorators masking tape and used a Plasticote shiny Copper spray, making sure I protected my kitchen floor and used lots of light coats instead of being too heavy handed, which just results in lots of unsightly drips. That’s the key to spraying – several light coats is by far and away the best method even though it takes slightly longer.

White pedants sprayed bright copperAllow the spray to dry thoroughly before hanging your lights. The brilliant thing about spray is that you can tie in the look with other items. In this bedroom, for example, I used the same spray on a section of the Ikea side tables – using similar materials and shades gives a cohesive feel to your overall design.

Sian Astley Moregeous Interior Design Manchester

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