Playing with golden honeycombs and hexagonal design

Hexagon shelving in Anthropologie, Moregeous Design Blog
Hexagon illuminated shelving in Anthropologie

For one of our current design projects, I’ve been playing with hexagonal design. There’s something endlessly fascinating about the beautiful natural shapes created by bees in their honeycombs, shapes full of golden light, ethereal yet incredibly mathematically solid.

Busy, busy, busy!

Prepare to see piles of hexagons in coming months, as it seems a lot of other designers are also feeling the honeycomb love. This image below of some stunning B&B Italia glass tables and beautifully padded seating was taken by Curve Interior Design over in Milan for the 2013 Design Week:

B&B Italia Milan 2013 Hexagonal tables and padded stools. Curve Interior Design image
B&B Italia glass tables and beautifully padded seating, Milan 2013

I know where I’m heading with our design, but here’s some ideas for you to play with….

Interior design using hexagons and honeycomb patterns

Interior design using hexagons and honeycombsInterior design using hexagons and honeycomb

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