Bridal Veil Spiraea, a dovecote and bee friendly planting

Scabious Blue Butterfly bee friendly plants

Another beautiful Spring weekend meant some more external taming of the gardens at what will be Moregeous Mansions. A big garden needs an awful lot of tlc so has been a work in progress for years. Much of the planting is designed to attract bees and butterflies and this is SO easy now clever retailers have taken to using whopping great BEE FRIENDLY labelling, like the ones at the lovely garden centre in Posh Prestbury I popped into this weekend. Newly planted just a few hours later were some pretty but hardy Scabious Butterfly Blue and two colour Muscari pictured above, and also a shrub I’d not seen at my local plant haunts before, Spiraea Arguta or Bridal Wreath. How pretty is it? I think it gives a gorgeous backdrop to purple Snake’s Head Fritillary and vivid green parsley for summer cooking 🙂

Spiraea Arguta Bridal Wreath or Veil shrub

Further inspiration came from a cute little pine restoration place in Poynton – handles galore and I now want a dovecote….


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