Sunday Style Summary: Gates, CraftISCreative & a wallpapered floor

2013-05-12 Sunday SummaryThis last week has been completely manic in so many random and unexpected ways that looking back on it I’m unsure how it’s actually all been fitted in!

  • I got myself involved with the quite ridiculous suggestion by the Government that Craft and all it encompasses, both traditional and contemporary, no longer be part of the Creative Industries. You can read all about it here and I’d be delighted if you’d sign the petition on that page.
  • I fell a little in lust with the interior at Manchester venue Gorilla (the old Green Room) with it’s amazing arched reclaimed timber ceiling, fabulous tiles and metallic ceiling tiles. The truffle chips weren’t bad either 😉
  • A 2013 passion for purple continued with some gorgeous almost black Violas for the garden and an order for some funky Cable And Cotton lights to use in the summer, yes, yes, #fingerscrossed we get one!
  • Mr M conjured up a spectacular gate for Didsbury Life to replace one that had definitely had its day, painted up in posh F&B paint. For a  giggle I bought him a web-site name for under a tenner, joking it could be a new career, however the joke was on me when they all howled with laughter : Think about it……
  • Another of this week’s interior inspirations was the last, very pretty image and although that sort of Cath Kidsonesque style isn’t necessarily me, I think it’s a FAB idea. They’re actually floorboards, wallpapered then sanded and lacquered. How cool? Might have to have a go at that myself! Thanks to Graham & Brown for posting 🙂

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