Moregeous Blog Diary: PULSE 2013 A very design focused gift show

Pulse 2013 on Moregeous blogI had a great time at PULSE 2013 yesterday, how could I fail to when surrounded by stand after stand of creative, design led gifts and homeware?!

Each time I visit a trade or design show certain themes stand out, sometimes ones which have been slowly growing over a couple of years and sometimes new surprises. I love spotting the fresh trends and seeing how they’ve been translated into products, giving me inspiration for the design schemes Team Moregeous are asked to create for clients. There’s a very real side to my visiting the shows, it’s not just about blogging for blogging’s sake, I often specify and use the products seen.

Talking of blogging however and for your delectation, I’ll be featuring some lovely images for the main trends spotted which are highlighted in the image above:

  • Don’t Mince Your Words
  • Noah’s Ark
  • Buzzy Sunshine
  • Neon Brights
  • Lovely Lace

My two favourite visual impact stands were the ones below by La Cerise Sur Le Gateau, a funky yet pared back blackboard paint and timber stand where the eye-popping neon fabric products did all the talking, and the bottom one…. which I lost the card to!! I’m sure someone will tell me which stand it is as it was so very clever, all graphic drawings and Paddington Bearesque backdrops to the lovely gifts for sale.

Pulse 2013, Moregeous's favourite stands

There were some beautiful ceramics on show of which my favs were the copper belted bottles and marbled effect vases by Carolina Peraca and Nazli Pehlivan, and the pottery take on Gaultier’s perfume by Annette Bugansky:

Pulse 2013 Vases and ceramicsI ordered myself a necklace from Maqaroon, opting for summery pistachio:

Pulse 2013, Macaroon necklace byt Maqaroon design

I found some interesting lighting: recycled lacy delights by Manchester based Lucentia, some very cool wicker work by Louise Tucker on the St Martin’s stand, ethereal ceramic pendants by Timea Sido and finally the felt ‘Honey’ shades by Desinature.
Pulse 2013 : Lighting design spotted by MoregeousThere was a whole lot of fun to be had with pom poms 🙂

2013-05-14 Pulse PomPomsAs well as some things which don’t fall into ANY category, like writeable wine glasses by Cami Raben, ceramic doorstops, a solid marble iPad stand by Costas Bisas, and got-my-eye-on-you notepads. Excellent stuff 🙂

Design finds at Pulse 2013

More later x

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