How to get a DIY gilding effect on black moulded furniture

Black home office desk and fitted furnitureHome office furniture can be clinical and a little bit boring can’t it, so a great option is go down the bespoke, design it yourself route. For a recent interior design project, I needed to create something with a gentleman’s club feel, very masculine yet still warm, inviting and a touch glamorous. We designed and had made several pieces, including a large desk and some chimney recess drawer and filing cabinet sections, opting for Farrow & Ball Railings to give a deep, luxurious feel. As much as I liked the look, something else was needed to bring out the fabulous gold of the honey bee wallpaper…. a touch of gilding?

A few hours and a delicate touch later, the addition of pale gold acrylic paint gives flashes of light and a depth to the cabinet details and mouldings. Perfect!

There’s also a similar look I created using verdigris and copper on an upcycled table for Channel 5: HERE

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