A little Moregeous curation before the West Elm UK store hits our shores


After hearing all the buzz on Twitter about US interiors store west elm, due to open in London in December, I thought I’d have a little pre-visit mooch around their site to find my must-sees before the grand opening. I liked it. Lots of beautiful imagery, stylish designs, some great higher ticket items as well as affordable bit & pieces.

These were my favourites, collated and curated in a blog post, but I’m sure the grand opening in December will mean many additions to the Moregeous shopping list.

2013-10-18_00032013-10-18_0002 2013-10-18_0004 2013-10-18_0005Also in Twitter yesterday was a link to a blog post written by west elm themselves entitled We Love Authenticity, distancing themselves from a previously worked with designer/company after it was discovered there had been some copying going on. Good call, I thought, money where their mouth is. It’s very hard and not entirely desirable to cut out these larger stores when interior design shopping, whatever your position on supporting indies, so I guess it’s good to see some collaboration, support and progress coming through from the multi-nationals.


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