A Moregeous Moroccan adventure – first impressions

It’s been quite a few years since Mr M and I escaped away on one of those things known in our house as an H word, life as a self employed workaholic in a property credit crunch isn’t that conducive to long breaks away. I’ve never been much of a traveller, some people can’t cope without their annual fortnight, me, I love what I do and have never been that obsessed about ‘getting away from it all’. To the point where I’ve cancelled holidays on the grounds of having too much to do to go away, even if it means missing booked flights. Doesn’t make me popular but he gets over it πŸ˜‰
However, now he’s managed to actually get me here, that holiday feeling has kicked in and it feels bloody great!
We arrived in Marrakech to a dry, sunny Autumn evening, leaving the soggy leaves and blustery gales of Manchester in October far behind. First impressions of the Riad Idra were just perfect, a cool white marble courtyard bedecked with lush greenery, singing sparrows and fuschia blooms, with sugary mint tea on the rooftop terrace, a time to unwind before we were shown our Amal room. The perfect, gentle introduction to a holiday I thought, already these smaller Moroccan Riads seem so different to many larger hotels we’ve visited, where you’re simply given the plastic key & pointed to the lift.
After a quick freshen up in the beautifully designed bathroom, stunning with black marble flooring, iridescent tiles and luxury toiletries, we headed out for our first walk around Djemaa el-Fna, the main square, a steam filled, scream filled, sensory overload. More on that when I have some pics, but suffice to say, Mr M was quite the centre of attention wherever we went, stared at, hollered at and generally all round adored. Methinks it’ll be ME bartering over how many camels I want for HIM, instead of the other way round!

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