Farewell Faktum, hello marvellous Metod

New Metod kitchens in Ikea UKI’ve had to bid a fond farewell to a loyal friend this week after an 18 year close working relationship. We’ve been through thick and thin, long days and piles of cardboard, missing bits and too many legs. Faktum has been a stalwart since my very first property, many client homes and virtually all of our rentals, it’d probably be safe to say I’ve designed & installed over forty kitchens using those chunky white boxes and quite possibly used every style of door Ikea’s ever produced. Bye bye Faktum, it’s been fun and you’ve been a star but it’s time for a change. No longer will I be able to design a kitchen without even referring to the brochure, knowing every combination, height, depth and unit. I’ve got to make a new friend named Metod.

New Metod kitchens in Ikea UK

And guess what, I’ve already designed and bought one! A mini Metod this week, aided ably by Glen in Ikea Ashton and it was very exciting if a little mind blowing, apparently Ikea stopped counting when they got to 400,000 combinations. They gave me a sneaky peek into the new room sets being developed and they did indeed feel very different to previous room sets in lots of ways.

Main changes for the good, as noted by Team Moregeous:

  • The buying experience is better, there’s more space, with large rooms sets incorporating working kitchens, you actually feel like you could be in someone’s home. Very aspirational.
  • Metod looks more like furniture and less like a kitchen, which is very much on trend. Many of us yearn for open plan kitchen diners, incorporating huge islands, family living and brilliant storage
  • Emphasis on super-sized islands with incorporated storage, often open fronted to enable gorgeous items, books and stylish kitchenware to be displayed
New Metod kitchens in Ikea UK
Sneak peek into new room sets, almost finished
  • Lotsย of hidden storage in large units – a very US / Scandi feel. This hasn’t been something I’ve seen a lot of in affordable UK kitchen ranges, it’s usually seen in expensive designer brands or where a clever designer has been at work. Large doors opening up to reveal cool internal shelving systems.
  • Great new lighting options, lots of choice, plus an allowance has been made with the new Metod units for space for cables etc

New Metod kitchens in Ikea UK

  • A very linear feel with increased options on sizes. New 10cm and 20cm units and drawers give an elongated, contemporary feel

New Metod kitchens in Ikea UK

Practical implications of Metod replacing Faktum:

  • There’s a new frame / track system now which attaches to your walls and onto which the base and wall units fix. Very good idea this, keeps things in line and aids the fitter, plus gives space for electrical wiring.
  • There are now lower skirtings, previously 17cm with Faktum, only 8cm high meaning the kitchen looks closer the the ground when a recessed plinth is used – a much more contemporary feel.
  • This lower plinth height also gives the option of using a more traditional deco skirting style like the one in the grey kitchen above.
  • What this reduced plinth height does mean is that the previous full height Faktum door, which was 70cm high, is now 8ocm high – crucially meaning that the new Metod doors will NOT fit the old Faktum system.
  • For landlords like me, with properties having Faktum units in, this is a bit of a nightmare. I recently updated a 12yr old Ikea kitchen simply by replacing the doors and it looked amazing, like a new kitchen had been fitted. Soon, I won’t be able to do that as the old Faktum doors will be phased out. This upsets me as it’s the reason I’ve always been loyal to Ikea on rentals. A door got damaged, I could simply buy another one. This change to Metod is going to prove quite expensive. But, everything in life changes, so I better get over it!

Ikea Brokhult Metod rangeOur mini-Metod was delivered this morning, I’ve chosen the new Brokhult pale walnut style panels and doors, like the ones above, and look forward to sharing some images in a couple of weeks when it’s fitted and finished in Project Pad.

In the meantime, here are some of Ikea’s inspirational Metod images to get your kitchen style tastebuds watering….

Love the clever combination of stairs & kitchen below, and the crisp white and walnut:

New Metod kitchens in Ikea UK

If dark & mysterious is more your thing, try mixing black traditional style doors with funky trompe l’oeil styling:New Metod kitchens in Ikea UK Bang on trend for 2014 with bare brickwork, copper accents and vivid blues:New Metod kitchens in Ikea UKA wider range of sizes means much more interesting cabinetry and storage design. Even if you need ladders to reach the pots ๐Ÿ˜‰New Metod kitchens in Ikea UK When is a kitchen not a kitchen? When it looks like a library, obv.New Metod kitchens in Ikea UK New mini drawers means a more streamlined life – get organise people!New Metod kitchens in Ikea UK Funky coloured boxes give another non-kitchen look. I’ve bough two of the charcoal ones, looking forward to seeing them up!

New Metod kitchens in Ikea UKSee the range: HERE

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80 thoughts on “Farewell Faktum, hello marvellous Metod

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  1. Only small problems – they don’t fit standard work surface, many homeowners will find tradesmen refuse to work with them as there is no space for plumbing either underneath or behind them.

    In other words, they are no longer a DIY fit – but many professionals will refuse to work with them.

    A simple job of replacing the worktops and the water damaged unit under the sink, now looks like needing a complete new kitchen – just because the new Metod don’t fit.

    1. Hi Mike. I found it quite easy to get wider depth worktops locally in Manchester, they are not so hard to source anymore. Ikea have always had that issue of no gaps behind the units which is a bit of a pain but can be planned around I guess. But yes, there is the issue of replacing bits when you’ve had an old Faktum kitchen – everything changes eventually though eh?

    2. Yes, it is fiddly for the tradesmen who are not prepared for, and used to Ikea kitchens. They would rather give themselves an easy life by taking away a huge chunk of your storage space. The question is, who is going to be using this kitchen for the next ten years – you or the workman who can’t make a few adjustments?

  2. Hi
    There seems to be a problem with integrated dishwashers. The 80cm door will catch on the dishwasher frame because they are sesigned for 70-72cm doors. Also IKEA don’t seem to doo 60cm wide doors without hing holes to fit integrated dishwashers and washing machines.

    1. Just discovered the problem with the integrated dishwasher myself after spending over 4k on a Metod kitchen. Very annoying. It’s impossible to get a standard integrated dishwasher to fit into a Metod kitchen as far as I can see. Surely there is a way around this and Ikea are not going to force us all to use their own brand dishwashers?

      1. As far as I know Ikea do a special hinge to ensure their dishwasher doors fit non-Ikea dish-washers. Ask in store but I’m sure this is the case.
        Addendum – see below for part number from helpful blog reader! ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Get the kit for they do for a semi-integrated dishwasher, (an ERSATTARE hinge, and the door/drawer fronts of your choice, bottom one has to be 20cm). The instructions for semi-integrated dishwashers has a step where you cut the top door/drawer front to expose the controls, just skip this step for a fully integrated dishwasher and it works perfect.

  3. Dear Moregeous, please can you help me! Which new Metod kitchen doors do you recommend? I would love your opinion! I am thinking something white or grey rather than wood colored.

    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Julia
      I’d love to see a pic of your kitchen if possible, in order to help? I’ve used most of the Ikea range, let’s see if we can help properly via the blog!

      1. Dear Moregeous, Have you used Metod nodsta? What’s you view on it? I am thinking about using it in my kitchen. Many thanks Julia

      2. Hi Julia, I’ve only installed the Metod Brokhult and it looks fab. Have seen Nodsta in store though and will likely by using it in the future as I really like it. Good luck with yours x

  4. We are just about to start a fairly large Metod kitchen – I’m putting down a really nice tile by Grespania called Krimiss Sinter but I can’t decide between the Gloss White units with white outers or Gloss Cream with the dark wood outers which look great

    What would you choose? Thanks

    Link to tile colour: http://www.ppltile.com/images/D/krimiss-3.JPG

    1. I’m so sorry for some reason your question got spammed! Doubtless you’ve chosen now but I thought this was a great question and have used it for a blog post here:

  5. Hi Moregeous, I have seen a lot of moaning re Ikea kitchens from kitchen installers especially about there being no gap for pipes, the non-compatibility of doors with integrated appliances and worktop size. Before I go ahead with fitting a Nodsta/Method, I would very much appreciate your take on it. Many thanks, Fran

    1. A lot of moaning about nothing! Yes, there must be some planning ahead with regard to pipework but this is not insurmountable for good fitters. Hinges are available for most appliances that I know of, I rarely buy Ikea appliances. See latest post dated 27 May for advice on worktops. Good luck x

      1. Hi Moregeous, I am about to buy a non-IKEA AEG SCS51800F1 Integrated Fridge Freezer, which is 556 mm wide (IKEA appliances are 540mm I think). Given that METOD frames are thicker (18mm) do you think the appliance will fit? I can see problems with hinges…) Apparently the AEG allows for fronts to be mounted straight onto appliance doors. Any advice gratefully received!
        Thank you.

      2. Really hard for me to say, it’s something you’d need to check in store and ask exactly how wide the new Metod fridge freezer cabinets are. I’ve used non-Ikea units with the old Faktum frames and those worked ok. As a rule I prefer free standing fridge freezers to integrated ones as the former are much more roomy!

  6. Moregeous – about to order and fit a new Ikea kitchen in a new kitchen diner but have heard that its better to source worktops elsewhere. I see that you’re based in Manchester (as we are) and you’ve been able to source deeper worktops. Would you mind letting me know where? Also on a design point of view, do you think the Ringhult (thinking cream – the yellow white, or white) will date? Want something bright, light and kid-proof. Thanks

  7. Just a point re: 3rd Party Dishwashers – apparently the part you need to fit them is
    Behjalpig, and in short supply (or was) – code 502.913.70 @ ยฃ20

    Should be fitting a Smeg integrated with this, so wish me luck… interested in others experiences!

      1. We are struggling to find sliding hinges that would work with our Hotpoint fully integrated dishwasher (full size) with the METOD door. We got RESONLIG delivered in first place but they do not fit on the dishwasher. When we went back to Ikea they said they only guarantee the compatibility with their dishwashers, great! I have just checked BEHJร„LPLIG on IKEA website but that looks for a slimline dishwasher, could you confirm? At my wrist ends to find compatible sliding hinges…

      2. I just rang ikea about this problem. The kit is discontinued, but they have >2000 set aside for this issue. They are sending me one for free ๐Ÿ™‚ Regarding the issues faced with fitting in a refurb, it was a little more tricky (I had to lower some pipe work /waste pipes in places, but not too difficult). The hanging rail is a benefit especially if you’ve got dodgy walls, and for the end user, the extra storage is much better. I was annoyed about the dishwasher issue, until I found the sliding kit solution here (thanks) especially as I told the Ikea person that I would be using a non ikea dishwasher.

  8. Can you help?
    when you say that standard work tops do not work with the Metod range, I see that the new Ikea tops are 63.5cm wide.The unit size for drawer units seem to be 61.8mm deep. There is nothing work top wise that we like in Ikea and had been looking at a supplier that has 62mm tops . Is this a possibility do you think or problematically too narrow? ( obviously won’t allow for any over hang but we prefer this anyway) What would be the best width in your opinion?

  9. Thanks for the best review I have come across for the new Metod range. Do you know if the prices have remained the same as the faktum system?

  10. Madness in Metod….
    I had a great success and respect for Factum BUT not for Metod.
    Depth of worksurface is different and also depends on how you fit the units; direct to wall or rail mounted = different worktop depth! And both are different from standard.
    How does that work with end panels. Not much point in fitting an end panel that leaves a gap at the wall!???
    Extra space from new size sounds great BUT in the UK at least space is almost always needed for services. Remember once you cut a unit you have lost any guarantee. Plastic skirting can’t be altered in height so make sure you don’t adjust the unit support legs!
    AND here is a recent discovery: try fitting the new corner unit with carousel ! There is no fixing for the cabinet along the ‘closed’ side and the weight of the carousel flexes to create a gap at the top, the design leaves 70mm of exposed cabinet in each direction which ‘contrasts’ sharply with door colour and style. BTW you cannot fit the door hinge once the carousel post is in place so do that first, there are even exposed holes in the front lower frame once the cabinet is completed. NOT GOOD.

    Sorry, despite being a strong IKEA fan (a lot of money gone that way in the past few years) Metod is mad.

    It feels like a rushed design with an eye on new-build installs for fitters contracted to house builders. It certainly will not fit into any existing refurb/extension.

    I will look very carefully at options – Wickes, B&Q, etc before buying again.

    1. Really interesting observations Keith, thank you for taking the time to contribute.
      We’ve had that issue with plastic skirts, I agree, they don’t cut as easily as the old formed board ones.
      Also recently noted the issue with the rail mounted system for some wall units and non rail system for others, which mean the buyer must be mindful of what they are mixing and matching.
      Not tried a corner carousel yet but will be mindful of what you’ve noticed!

    2. We have encountered ALL of this too this week as our builders began fitting the Metod kitchen we just bought. I’m dreading tackling the integrated dishwasher with sliding hinge to make it fit! Our floor slopes slightly and hence, the legs needed winding up slightly at one end…now the plinth won’t fit.

  11. Have ordered a new Ikea Kitchen but because of the 8cm plinth I’m having problems finding an electric plinth heater to fit. Has anyone else managed to solve this problem please?

      1. We have just had that problem – decided to get a unit with the 28mm legs, and then buy an extra 20mm drawer front to cut a hole in for the plinth heater. It raises the heater off the floor slightly, but there is room for matching plinth underneath it!!

  12. Hi, we just bought an IKEA dishwasher to replace a a broken Kenwood one. We were enticed by the 5 year warranty! Not sure how we can fit our non-IKEA fully integrated door to it now it’s in situ though. Is this even possible? Would the Resonlig pack work do you know?

  13. Hi,
    Great website full of great pictures. Our inherited kitchen is also an IKEA Faktum which is now looking tired. Any pictures of before n after for the kitchen refurb you mention using new doors.

    1. Difficult one as the Metod doors are not the same size as the old doors for the Factum units ๐Ÿ˜ฆ told that Ikea still hold stock of Factum fitting doors, might be worth investigating?

  14. Excellent web site with great pictures and idea. You mention in your post about changing the doors on your old Faktum kitchen. How did you deal with the ends & underside of the cabinets and the plinths. Can you post any before and after pictures of the return.
    Many thanks,

    1. I managed to get new doors for that ‘upcycled’ kitchen JUST before the system changed to Metod, and have only used Metod in new kitchens. I hear tell that Ikea still hold stock of Factum fitting doors, worth checking out. Have a blog post coming up soon on having kitchen doors made x

  15. Hi All

    I’ve run out of money on a kitchen build and wonder if to keep my existing Faktum kitchen units and change the doors if possible or to spend money that I havent got on a Metod kitchen. A few months back Ikea told me that they have a limited supply of doors and will have these for the next year.

    Reviews lead me to think the first option will be the best. I’m looking at buying new appliances though….are people saying that regular non Ikea appliances fit in the Faktum units? I’ve tried measuring but I’m left uncertain. I need an integrated dishwasher and fridge freezer (looking to buy these from appliances on-line, who are good).

    Thanks Gail

    1. Tough call Gail, sorry for late reply, did you decide already? I’d be tempted to go for new Metod cabinets and there’s a great range and it’ll then last you much longer, especially if you want to change the doors again in the future. Depends how long you’ll be in the house? Personally I always avoid integrated fridge freezers as they’re so teeny. Most non-Ikea can fit Ikea cabinets, sometimes with persuasion. they are beggars though, they’re moving more and more towards the full package so people won’t buy appliances elsewhere!

  16. Hi, I’d like to get some non-idea doors for metod cabinets, do you know where I can get the exact measurements to pass on to the CNC cutting company? Any ideas appreciated, thank you

      1. Thank you Sian, that’s where I was getting to, I just need to trust my measuring skills!

    1. Hi Rebecca
      We have just completed our Ikea kitchen with bespoke doors. We had them made at Shaker Doors in Oxford and they knew all the IKEA measurements which was handy. Only thing I got caught out on was the size of the end panels as IKEA do a return-plinth now so I had to have these re-made as I needed them to go all the way to the floor.

  17. Hi everyone.
    I am desperately trying to source the old range Ulkriksdaj ( have I spelled it right?) I saw a whole kitchen on sale on Ebay and it went dead before I could put in a bid. How old are they and where could I source them from?
    Very many thanks.

    1. Hi Annie, I loved those doors, the oak ones with the thin rib detail? They were called Ulriksdal. You’d have to ask Ikea if they do them in other countries or scour Preloved etc? Problem now is that the new cabinets are the Metod range not the old Faktum, so you might face issues with getting cabinets to fit the doors. I think it might be a case of now they’re gone, they’re gone ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  18. Hi! Great post it was really helpful and I’m kicking myself that I’m just looking for a new kitchen now when I have cabinets that would fit faktum doors but not metod :S Could you tell me if the metod doors are the same as faktum please? Feel free to email ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. Hi all just in the process of instslling a metod kitchen. What should the measurement be from top of work surface to underside of top cabinets after looking at instuctions it looks like its going to be 560mm. But the top cabinets look like there to high.
    also i brought a ikea dishwasher about 2 yrs ago in preperation of doing the kitchen now I can’t get the special hinge needed to fit door to dishwasher. Does anyone know where I can obtain one from?

    1. just a quick update. after being told by a ikea sales rep that the hinge I needed to fit a ikea metod door to a ikea dishwasher has been discontinued and would probably end up buying a new dishwasher turns out that they have over 3000 in stock at the central distubution warehouse. just need to be persistent witj them and get someone who knows a bit about what products ikea sell.
      anyway got one on order free of charge.

      1. Hi Ian
        That must have taken some effort with Ikea to find out that golden nugget of info! Is there a special number we can call to get in touch with the central warehouse? Many thanks.

      2. Hi Duncan. To be honest it wasn’t that hard the girl at customer services didn’t understand why ther computer was showing 2 in stock but didn’t have a location by them so she went to fetch a colleague who knew a bit more. Luckily I think I got ikea’s master guru and he knew what I was on about and was aware that the item has been discontinued. He told me that the item was only available via after sales and then he used his jigery pokery computer and logged in as a super guru as then said that there was 3400 ish available but that was to serve all of Europe (he showed me the screen) he then asked if I had anything delivered recently an as I said yes he said that he would book it against a claim and that I didn’t need to pay. Just for confirmation it was the resonolig which is to fix a metod door to a ikea dishwasher. The item for fixing a door to another branded dishwasher us called Behjalplig. For Which I know nothing about.

  20. Ikea want to charge me ยฃ20 for the Behjalplig sliding hinge and ยฃ15 for delivery. The part was unavailable when we ordered our kitchen. I’m happy to pay for the part but begrudge the delivery charge as it wasn’t our fault it was out of stock. I see others have got this part for free. How?? I have been told that cutting a section out of the plinth solves this problem. Does anyone know if this is true? Many thanks

    1. Can’t tell you about metod. Our fully integrated (invisible controls) dishwasher with faktum required a cutout from the plinth top to let the door swing through. Partly this might have been our double thick door 450 wide with faktum 400 wide cover. But we could have mounted the dishwasher lower so the door didn’t hang so much at the bottom (could have door overhang at the top – need a filler piece under the bench.).

  21. Hello. I’ve just known that IKEA doesn’t product Behjalplig hinge for non-ikea dishwashers…and I’ve bought a Smeg dishwasher! How can I solve this problem? did anyone succeeded into this goal??

  22. Hi I have been through the pains of combining Faktum, Metod, Abstrakt & Ringhult! Has been painful, but seeing light at the end of the tunnel! IKEA kitchen staff can help make an After Sales order that comes from Germany and/or Sweden. Make sure you order all you need, as you will pay delivery charge (approx ยฃ65) and delivery is approx 10days. Be aware that Faktum & Abstrakt will only be sold this way, until June 2016 so I have ordered some spares for ‘just in case’ future purposes. Oddly, we asked for stock numbers in central warehouse and for our purposes, there was more Faktum & Abstrakt stock, as Ringhult black is also only available from central warehouse (ie also being discontinued). My mistake, I let the tenant choose the colour black!
    I hope this helps others:-)

  23. RE: Metod doors on old Faktum kitchens. Probably you can fit them on base cabinets and tall cabinets with space above. A bigger door can just overhang lower on base or over for tall. The minor hassle will be the hinges, which I have not looked at in detail. Worst case scenario is a rebore and fill the old hole with a cover. You’d need a friendly cabinet maker. Or for DIY, a CMT333-03 Hinge Boring Jig and a drill for a few hundred US$ will do a factory-like job.

  24. Hi,
    I’m getting my kitchen fitted by some kitchen fitters provided by IKEA. Everywhere I’ve read that there is no service gap behind the cabinets, but then the fitter told me there is a 15mm gap.
    I’ve got to chase in my electrics at the weekend, so need to know if there is or isn’t a service gap behind the cabinets.
    I just dont trust the fitter, he always says everything will be ok, but I need to know whether I need to chase the whole cable length or just the top.
    If there is a 15mm gap, then that should be fine, but everyone says there isn’t a gap.
    Any help greatly appreciated.

    1. With Ikea units I’ve always had cable chased in and protected with plastic trunking, you shouldn’t surface mount bare cables. I’d go the extra mile if I were you. I realise this answer is late as my emails junked your comment, how very dare it!

  25. Marvellous maybe Moregeous but no 30cm or 50cm widths – this will rule out for many applications. Surprising that IKEA has taken this step.

    1. They’re getting in line with European kitchens, to make incremental design easier and give a more balanced look. I do know what you mean though, it doesn’t help when you have those 30cm or 50cm gaps!

  26. My problem is that ive damaged 2 old Faktum units and cant replace them. My kitchen is only 5 years old. If i want replace them I have to buy a whole new kitchen Grrrrrrrrrr NOT HAPPY

    1. It was my understanding that the Faktum units would still be available for a while? I bet if you look online people are still selling them. We have the same issue with some of the Faktums which we’ve put in rentals and now if we need new doors we’ve can’t get them. Although I’ve found a joinery firm locally who can make any door we want in any size so that’ll have to do in the future!

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