Sugar coated pastel sockets and switches

Varilight 1950's coloured electric sockets and switchesYep, Spring is definitely here when your eye is drawn to pastels and Easter Egg shaped stuff. I was checking out some sockets and switches for a client and spotted these on the VariLight site. I don’t think they’re brand new, but it’s the first time I’ve seen them and they made me smile, much needed when you’ve a migraine pounding away like mine today!

Wouldn’t they be perfect in a 1950’s styled house or a kitchen with that Bake-Off interiors vibe? Lovely 🙂

Added note: I did try to contact the manufacturers to find out where they could be physically seen but got nowhere which was a bit disappointing. Then having mailed the link to a client, she randomly saw them in B&Q, who only do the pale yellow range, but I can attest that I’ve seen them and they are lovely!

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