Spring time birdsong in a Tweetie light

Jake Phipps Tweetie Pendant LampHow cute is this to kick off Spring time March? Jake Phipps, he of the very cool bowler hat light fame, has created the Tweetie light with a golden bird inside, note the light source cleverly and subtly incorporated at the base? Gorgeous!

Comes in black or, for Russian oligarchs, 24 carat gold. These would clearly be perfect for & would *fly out* at MadAboutTheHouse’s Harrod Is Home space, posted today šŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Spring time birdsong in a Tweetie light

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  1. These lights are just gorgeous and I actually really want one on my landing. Assume they are earbleedingly expensive?

      1. Yes, often does! I looked on his website and couldn’t see them either. Will keep an eye out …

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