Cages, cinematography and cable at Urban Cottage Industries

The Invention Of Hugo CabretIt seems to be all things lighting so far this week as I source products for not only two client jobs but also my own home, our Moregeous Mansions refurb. I’ve enjoyed pouring over the Urban Cottage Industries site, a treasure trove of industrial and vintage style pendants, lighting, bulbs and electrical fittings in a multitude of different colours and finishes to allow personalisation. I love the image above from Martin Scorsese’s film Hugo, for which UCI provided  the lighting, there’s such a beautiful warmth in old style filaments lamps which you just don’t get from modern bulbs. It’s little wonder restaurants everywhere are specifying them to make their spaces and clients look even more gorgeous – and clearly the reason why Baileys used it in their advert below, who needs expert make up when you’ve got filament lamps!

Industrial vintage lighting at Urban Cottage Industries

The coloured cable are fab, the red and yellow particularly catching my eye for reasons which will become clear in a few weeks! Liking also the rounded shape of these balloon shades and the unusual architectural shape of the Maria L shaped light below.

Industrial vintage lighting at Urban Cottage IndustriesThe UCI site is also wonderfully personal in it’s descriptions of installations, the company’s history and exciting projects with which they are involved, everything from Hollywood Scorsese films, through Christmas Baileys adverts to appearing on The Taste and the recent Great Interior Design Challenge.

My personal favourite however, even after all that glamour, is their blog post about 80yr old employee Mr Holland. It’s a joy to read, give it a click:

Industrial vintage lighting at Urban Cottage Industries

Do think about designing your own lighting, asking a competent person / electrician to help. Mr M and I spent yesterday afternoon putting some crystal shades, vintage fittings and cable together for a client, and it’s so much more rewarding than just having what someone else has. Although I must confess he did all the fiddly bits whilst muttering curses at me under his breath.

I’ll definitely be buying some bits and pieces from UCI in the next couple of weeks, watch this space 🙂


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