Road Trip : Factory Lux & Urban Cottage Industries

No-one can miss all the fabulous coloured cables and industrial style lighting rocking the coolest interiors at the moment, and now you need to know where to both buy it and buy it stylishly whilst also supporting British production. I first featured Urban Cottage Industries/ Factory Lux here, when I was sourcing for Splendid Kitchen and loved their back story plus their lighting ranges. I’m busy searching for the best interior products to use here at home as we progress towards the interior fit out so wandered across the Pennines to Yorkshire for a good nosey around their production hub & factory!2016-05-05_0020What a fantastic set up, I truly wasn’t disappointed 🙂 Shelves up shelves of cool pendants and fittings with which to create unique finishes and lighting mash ups.2016-05-05_0005I adored seeing all the fabric cables competing for colour space, wound onto huge reels and measured off by the metre. I’ve used reds and yellows for client projects and I love that you can fit each and every light to your own personal preference by simply changing the cable. Make sure you read the printed label, very amusing and testament to the personality of this company 😉2016-05-05_0007Despite all the eye catching brights, my favourites were the new linens and greys, very textured and tactile for a natural and understated look. How great would the linen look with a cream shade or name, or in a seaside shack or nautical style room? And the grey is perfect for the current trend for, well, grey. Far better than black or white, in my humble designer’s opinion.2016-05-05_0009Each order is hand picked and checked, and samples of the cables can be sent out for you perfectionists out there.2016-05-05_00102016-05-05_0011The company are currently playing with and testing some verdigris shades and I hope this works out well because they are fab!2016-05-05_0013All the packaging is brown paper and biodegradable, I remember noticing this on our deliveries and liking it a lot. Very little plastic. Fantastic.

2016-05-05_0008For the first time ever, thanks to my tour, I understood LED lighting which was a bit of a revelation. For me, listening to reps explaining LEDs has always been a bit like joiners discussing door locks, I glaze over no matter how hard I try to concentrate. But there was such enthusiasm and passion it sucked me in and just like that maths lesson age 12 when long division finally clicks, I suddenly got it.

When the company first started it was all about salvage and restoration but, as there are only so many pendants in the world to restore, new products with an industrial vibe were created and have been super successful. All companies need to keep moving with the times and they’ve recently partnered with Xicato to incorporate high tech and patented remote phosphor LEDs into Factory Lux lighting. So you’ll get architecturally cool products, with superlative eco-creds, high performance with no discolouration and energy saving longevity. Sorry, was there more you wanted? 😉

2016-05-05_00122016-05-05_0017Tsk, there’s always someone who refuses to follow orders isn’t there (look closely)…..2016-05-05_0006Then, after scoffing a huge slice of cake for elevenses and just when I figured things couldn’t get any better, I found machinery! You know me and great chunks of metal that do stuff, I go weak at the knees and this was no exception. The printing business already set up in the building was taken over by Factory Lux and now makes gorgeous moleskine notebooks and diaries with personalised covers created using impressions from hot-embossing. The Linotype machines below use type cast from molten metal and it was so cool watching the process create the word ‘Moregeous’ on my own silver notebook.2016-05-05_00142016-05-05_00152016-05-05_00162016-05-05_0022Here’s a sneaky peek of the team preparing for Clerkenwell 2016 in initial stages of their lighting on tour van, which I can’t wait to see finished. There will be electrical demos and also alcohol apparently. Not usually a good mix but having seen first hand their commitment to high safety standards and compliance, I’m sure they’ll have it covered 😉2016-05-05_0018Thanks to all the team for a fab afternoon peeking behind the scenes, it was just great seeing what goes on behind the web-site. My light made on the day was immediately put up in our one liveable room and made me long for the day when I’ll be specifying beautiful lighting here at home. Not long to go now and I promise not to have Psycho written on the wall behind the next installation!2016-05-05_0021IMG_4580

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