Do Up Diary: Introducing Tweetin’ Corner

IMG_4700When we first started attacking the very overgrown ‘woodland’ part of the garden, shaded under the trees with rampant ivy, the occasion jewelled bluebell and 20,000 snails, I’m not sure we quite knew what direction we’d be going in and how much things would snowball. However, as Mr M dug, and the steaks cooked, and the evening sun crept round to the West, that little corner rapidly somehow became his Summer-Sunset-Chilled-Drink-Corner.

Or, as it shall henceforth be known, Tweetin Corner, partly due to our ever present greedy robin and the over hanging bird feeders, but also because I have a strong feeling that there’ll be an awful lot of evening social media going on in it 🙂

Once all the overgrowth had been cut back and Mr M had worked out as some considerable length the optimum angle for his face to get the most sun, the best design and angle was worked out. I already knew I wanted ‘proper’ walls so footings were dug to get to level compacted ground. I have to stop him when he starts digging to remind him we’re not building another extension 😉2016-05-10_0005It was easier and cheaper to order a small concrete ‘pour’ by the metre cubed, which was promptly barrowed in and all finished in under half an hour, all ready for the concrete blocks to form the external and lower internal leaves of brickwork, which will be hidden by soil on the rear and render on the front.

DSC019392016-05-10_0006Joan Collins Brian the Brickie was DELIGHTED to hear that I wanted to use all the most misshapen, swollen and distended bricks to build the garden retaining walls and seating. All the ones, basically, that he’d thrown back at me when building the main house, shouting I’m not using those, they’re crap. How we sometimes come to regret earlier decisions in life eh…2016-05-10_0001I even marked with crosses the faces which I wanted to show, just in case he tried to sneak in any normal looking ones. There wasn’t a lot of laughing, from poor Brian. 2016-05-10_0003Especially when I handed ones like this bulging beauty – totally More Than Gorgeous!!DSC02485There’s still rendering, seating, paving and the fire pit to go in but I adored it immediately, especially the lower ‘shelves’ for candles and drinks, the bumpy tops and the random colour shadings.DSC02484DSC02486Plus Tweetin Corner is already inspiring conviviality & new friendships because the very next morning look which two were sitting as calm as you like together, as though it’s totally normal for a squirrel and a cat to be pals. Love it!2016-05-10_0004

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