Mad March officially begins at Moregeous Mansions

Minna's Room Today Has Been Cancelled pillow

Not quite sure that this week could have been any more bizarre really, as I seem to have had the poor old GMP on speed dial. In between sorting new products, specifying lighting, meeting architects and attempting a visit to KBB in Birmingham, I’ve been dealing with a trolled Facebook page set up in my name with the most hideous images and words attached, an attempted break in by a complete fruitcake and then the car engine blackly giving up the ghost half way down the M6 yesterday. It appears Mad March has officially begun.

Have said it before and will say it again, nothing stops when you’re self employed and the fabulous pillow I spotted (appropriately) the other day from Minna’s Room on NOTHS is strictly for the employed only, the show must go on! Although we sadly didn’t make it to KBB, it’s business as usual, no days off, no wallowing, no time out, tenants still need new taps, clients still need lights going up and finance packages wait for no man. Or woman. Though I have learned something. Missy would make an excellent CSI assistant, caught clambering as she was in the evidence box, determined to get her paw prints on file….




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