Making a Candlestick Moregeous in Gold, Grey and White


Sunny afternoons at Moregeous Mansions mean the doors thrown open to the garden and perfect drying weather, nope, not for clothes but for painting projects! Some big, some small but all equally loved. Having spent all Saturday doing a chalk paint workshop at Home Is In The North, you’d think I’d be tired of upcycling but oh no!! 🙂

Sitting on my sofa scoffing Charlie’s Lindor chocolates (his fault for not hiding them don’t you think?), I decided I was bored with one of our candlesticks. An hour in the garden, a couple of coats of chalk paint, wax, light sanding and some Craig & Rose gold paint (a great buy at B&Q) gave it a whole new look. Now I re-love it 🙂

Upcycling a wooden candlestick in graphite grey, white and gold


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