Blog Reader Advice: Ikea Ringhult kitchen & worktop advice

I get lots of enquiries for advice through the blog and here’s one about worktops and the new Ikea Metod kitchen range:

Hi Moregeous – about to order and fit a new Ikea kitchen in a new kitchen diner but have heard that its better to source worktops elsewhere. I see that you’re based in Manchester (as we are) and you’ve been able to source deeper worktops. Would you mind letting me know where? Also on a design point of view, do you think the Ringhult (thinking cream – the yellow white, or white) will date? Want something bright, light and kid-proof. Thanks, Nicola

Ikea Metod Ringhult kitchenHi Nicola 🙂

One of the issues with Ikea is that their kitchen worktops are all 635mm (63.5cm) width whereas standard worktops are 600mm (60cm) so many off the shelf worktops elsewhere will fall short of the width required. The choice at Ikea has got much better in recent years, especially in the laminated surfaces, so many people but their tops there too. That said, I’ve often bought tops elsewhere and purchased 650mm or wider. In Manchester try Plasman in Levenshulme, lots and lots of choice. A good kitchen fitter will always be able to take extra unneeded width off the back of the worktop and often UK walls are not straight anyway, so extra width can be useful to have. Most solid wood worktops can be bought online now, I usually pay a little extra for the deluxe or slightly better quality timber, it’s worth is for the relatively small extra cost. Check with your fitter what width of worktops you need, sometimes if you need 2 lengths, you might need different widths for each. Sound complicated but it isn’t, just check and double check measurements and take into account wonky walls!

From a design and longevity perspective, I don’t think the new Ringhult will date. Simple white or off white doors can always be updated with new worktops, tiling or decor in another few years if you get bored. I have rentals which have been tenanted for 12yrs and their Ikea white doors are still going strong and looking great.

Good luck and do send us a picture on Twitter – @Moregeous – when you’re done!

Sian x

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