Friday Night Foodie Dates – Clucking Hell & Let’s Have A Meating

Let's Have A Meating pop up foodie night Manchester
Duck confit on the left, lamb kebab on the right

No better way to round off a busy week than have someone else cook for you and for the last two weeks, Friday night has been spent enjoying Supper Club events at the Drunken Butcher’s house being fed to the brim in his own inimitable style. For both Let’s Have A Meating and Clucking Hell, we were treated to top quality meat produce, met new food obsessed Mancunians and got some top cooking tips. Poaching chicken wings first before they’re double season floured and deep fried to name but one. Lots of double dipping, sous vide specials and flavour filled reductions, all very of the moment!

Let's Have A Meating pop up foodie night Manchester
Menu board, Pork Cheeks and Bunny Balls. Yep that’s just for four of us!

‘Let’s Have A Meating’ was a seven course meatfest, with my personal favourites being the succulent pork cheeks with rich chilli soy and then the Bunny Balls, dry & crunchy on the outside & dipped in aioli – amazing. His pork cracking was the crunchiest ever, so moreish and totally blowing the health benefits of the menu’s single carrot out of the water. As usual there was an incredible amount of food, which is the reason Mr M likes going to Iain’s events and not to restaurants with their paltry portion sizes 😉

Let's Have A Meating pop up foodie night Manchester
Porkgasm with a single carrot (Iain’s concession to vegetables) and steaks with triple fried chips

Clucking Hell was slightly more restrained but equally delicious. Beautiful, lovingly reared HerbFed birds, reared in a free range environment with corn feed, herb mix and regular dust baths, provided the central theme, starting with a light liver pâté, then super crispy wings which had been poached, then dried, dipped in seasoned flour, then dipped & seasoned again just before being deep fried. So dry & crispy on the outside but with juicy, tender meat inside. About a hundred times better than any chicken wings I’d had before. That huge bowl below was just for four of us, me & Mr M fighting off supper club newbies Jordan & Bryony 😉

Food pop up Manchester Clucking Hell
Chlucking Hell menu board & crispy wings

The chicken live pate was light & delicate, the chicken thigh which had been sous vide-d then crisped up with triple cooked chips delicious, especially with homemade tomato ketchup – seriously better than you-know-what  *ducks to avoid being struck down by Heinz lightning*

Iain did tell us his recipe but after several glasses of BYO Amarone, I’ll need to get this from him again as I’ve totally forgotten what was said. The lovely Cheryl was our hostess for the night and I’m now a firm believer that every dinner party needs it’s very own Cheryl.

Food pop up Manchester Clucking Hell

2014-06-08_0006I was so stuffed that I couldn’t anywhere near finish my main, a quite beautiful breast on a white wine sauce, what a light-weight eh?  But that’s a night at the Drunken Butcher’s for you, not a square cm of stomach spare at the end of the evening.


Well, I say that but actually just enough room for white chocolate mousse & a shot with the chef to round off the evening. Another great couple of evenings at Iain & Heli’s! Don’t forget you can get tickets for the Summer Spectacular he’s hosting for usHERE x2014-06-08_0008


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