How to Create a Right Royal Thyme Walk

Creating a Thyme Walk

A few months ago I was reading about a place I really want to visit one day, Prince Charles’ amazing Highgrove Garden and how it has its very own Thyme Walk, a description I found captivating. As you know I spend a ridiculously large amount of time (no pun intended) caring for and planting at our rental blocks, considering the outside spaces to be just as important to a happy tenant experience as the inside ones.

The slate path up to the front doors of one property is edged with white stones, looking very crisp but a bit boring so this week I decided it needed its very own thyme walk. Now thyme is a very particular creature and likes dry, rocky areas with excellent drainage and no water clogging. I’d had disasters in the past after planting it in thick clay soil but have learned my lesson. In amongst the stones, on a bed of gravel & soil I planted five different varieties yesterday – Woolly, Foxley, Alba, Orange and Anderson’s Gold – all of which look very different and smell different too. They look a bit lost as you can see above but will form a really pretty edging along the slate within a few months.

Not only that but tenants can use the cuttings throughout the year, maybe popping Orange Thyme in their cocktails in summer, Anderson’s Gold to flavour autumn chicken grills and Alba in their winter stews – perfect!

2014-06-20_0002There you go, how to create a right royal experience for under £20 – can’t be bad 😉


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