Blog Reader Advice : Which Metod kitchen to choose with limestone tiles?


I received a reader enquiry which I wanted to share, it’d be interesting to get your creative / interior views too? Here’s the question from Adam:

We are just about to start a fairly large Metod kitchen – I’m putting down a really nice tile by Grespania called Krimiss Sinter but I can’t decide between the Gloss White units with white outers or Gloss Cream with the dark wood outers which look great

What would you choose? Thanks

I took the image of Adam’s tiles and popped it next to the two kitchens he was talking about and I can see his point…. both ‘work’ but in different ways.

For me, the combination of the pale natural stone effect and the white will create a very light and airy kitchen suited to the following:

 – More feminine styling

 – Greenery, glass and paler shades for dressing items like blinds or appliances

 – Silvers and nickels 

 – Could take either vintage or sleek modern accessories

The combination of the stone with the cream and dark wood is bolder:

 – More punchy in feel

 – Could take deeper, stronger colour styling, maybe teal or vivid yellow

 – Would work with either traditional chrome or 2014’s brass or copper metals

 – More suited to contemporary styling

Would you agree?

Which all go to prove that there’s a lot to think about when you pick your kitchen. The same tile will look totally different with different cabinet finishes and door combos. Think about what you want the whole feel of the kitchen to be, the end end end result, and consider that with every single decision made. We’re not limited by tile choice, tap finish, splash backs or even kettle colour anymore, anything goes, so plan ahead to get a perfect finish.

As to which one I prefer, well, it’s not my kitchen is it so I couldn’t possibly say! 

11 thoughts on “Blog Reader Advice : Which Metod kitchen to choose with limestone tiles?

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  1. Love these tiles! Both kitchens look fab (in fact I like the cream/dark wood combination very much) but one thing I guess Adam could consider is that the gloss white option would probably age better because it’s more neutral and less of a statement — if he’s looking for the longterm?

    1. Good point Katie. It’s funny, I remember over a decade ago specifying two different types of kitchen for the same development, three kitchens in oak & cream and three in wenge & white. The developer was SO nervous about the latter but bravely let me install as planned. I’m pleased to say they still both look great even now. Sometimes we worry about whether things will date unecessarily, the trick is keeping things simple. I do however know what you mean, the white option is ‘safer’.

      1. Yes, it is satisfying to make a statement rather than going with the crowd. So maybe either is great, so long as they’re done with confidence and style 🙂

  2. I would go for the Wenge and cream option for more of a pop with some zesty yellows limes or hot pink….love my bright colours …I’m a go for it anything goes kinda girl! loving the tiles ! Although the same could be said for the White. Both I think would stand the test of time as brights or if you like safer accessories will instantly give them new life whenever you want to revamp . I believe your kitchen should make a statement, my kitchen is ‘classic country cream’ at the moment with dark wood inserts and cooker splash back my handles brushed chrome so I can go ultra modern just by changinging my accessories if I wish …

  3. Hi Sian, I have been following your blog and found your tips very useful. My partner and I have begun our DIY journey a few months ago and now we are at the stage of fitting a kitchen island. We want something that is bright and classic but brings natural contrast at the same time. Brokhult of IKEA became one of our short-listed favourites. We want to match it with the Personlig 3.8mm light walnut effect worktop. I have some doubts about doubling the wood effects on both the cabinet exterior and the worktop, and the lack of contrast with this combination. Is there anywhere that these 2 shades will work together? Our second choice is Tingsryd with the same worktop but I find it a bit too dark. Would really appreciate your opinion as I have been undecisive for a few weeks now! (PS: I lived in Manchester for 6 years before moving to Cambridge 5 years ago. I do miss the vibes and convenience of Manchester…)

    Yn Jn

    1. Hi there Yn Jn, thanks so much for your lovely comments, I’m so pleased you find the blog useful 🙂
      I love the Brokhult doors we’ve just fitted and will be photographing them today. If you can hang fire, they’ll be on the blog tomorrow. It’s very natural yet quite contemporary looking. I’ve paired them with a taupe worktop which has a textured finish but think you want something more vibrant? I’d advise against going matchy matchy and trying to get a work top the same as the doors, I understand your doubts. It’s a bit like double denim, a bit naff, in my opinion. Would a cream or white worktop not work to get a bright and classic effect? The Brokhult looks great against crisp white, more natural against cream.

  4. Hi Sian, thanks for your advice! Yes, I absolutely fell in love with Brokhult the moment I saw them. We have ordered our kitchen kit and are looking forward to fitting them when they arrive in July. I am thinking of redoing our entrance path too and your blog on Royal Thyme Walk is timely and handy! Keep up the good work 😀

  5. I don’t know how I missed this post – thanks for replying. My wife prefers the clean white lines but I prefer the cream and dark wood – I think I’ll go buy some small units of both and create a mood board of both – we are doing the whole ground floor in these tiles which look great in our TV room with our dark red leather sofas, cream and dark brown blinds and cushions.

    I still have not decided on the worktops yet – problem I am finding is the island is 2400×1200 and the sink area is 3700×600 and I cannot find any granite in those sizes without doing a join which I want to avoid.

    I’ll keep you posted and maybe send through some photos of the final job!

    1. That’s a massive island!! Great granite / corian contractors will make a join almost invisible to see? Do send pls and best of luck deciding. Don’t fall out with the Missus…. she says, always arguing with Mr M over decisions 😉

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