Making a More Than Gorgeous Luxury Headboard for The Pad

Making your own padded headboardAll the long hours and hard work at The Pad has finally paid off and the room has been dressed ready for our first guests. I’m so happy with my DIY headboard, simple but very effective due to the luxury Zinc fabric chosen. The beautiful textured finish means no extra embellishments, such as buttoning or studs, are required, so the work required to make it was minimal.  It was very easy to do, simply stretched over an MDF back which had been softened with 50mm padding and some wadding, then stapled in place. The leftover material made a fab extra long bolster cushion for a super luxurious touch.

I think the deep velvety grey works beautifully against the Ammonite walls and Mole’s Breath woodwork and yes, I *know* Farrow & Ball is a luxury buy but honestly, given the £40 or so difference over the whole cost of the refurb, those were the colours which looked best in the room so the small amount of extra cost was worth it. I absolutely adored this fabric when I first saw it at Design Week over a year ago and have been dying to use it ever since. You know when you see something and know it will be in your life at some point but you just have to find the right moment / room / commission? #that 🙂

Making your own padded headboard

I love how the headboard works with the splashes of zingy Yellowcake, the bright hummingbird Next cushion, my Pitfield parakeet keeping a beady eye on things and metallic finishes of chrome and nickel. Even though warm golds and brasses are beyond hot at the moment, I opted for silvers just because they looked better with the scheme. Just ’cause it’s not ‘on trend’, doesn’t make it not allowed – always go with what looks best, not what it supposed to be this year’s buy #toptip

All in all, a bit of a transformation for this once very much unloved room, as you can see below…. yep, it’s the very same corner!!

And you can sleep here! If you fancy a night out in West Didsbury, are travelling in & looking for somewhere a bit different to stay in Manchester or just fancy a night away from the kids/builders dust/other half – get in touch x

Bedroom before and after



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  1. Oh my, Sian, you did an amazing job. As always 🙂 I like the mirror frame and how you’ve matched it with the armchair and the shelves from the opposite wall. This definitely brings colour and makes the room brighter. I admire your talent. Keep doing these amazing interior designs because you are very good at it.

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