How to make bespoke, funky shelves from MDF & picture rail

Yellowcake painted shelves

I wanted some shelving in The Pad which was narrower than regular shop bought shelving and which had more detail to it too, something I could personalise and which also worked with the room design. Matt the joiner was on site fitting a door and working on the garden gate, so I posed the question that trades always love… “Could he just…” 😉

As we’d fitted picture rail in the room, I asked him to create shelves exactly the width and length I wanted, then edge them with the left over picture rail to perfectly match the rail detailing above. After a little filling, sanding and some undercoat, I chose a combination of the Yellowcake from our funky rocking chair and the Ammonite of the walls. Rather than buy extra Ammonite eggshell, I used the wall paint which was left over and then top coated with varnish I already had, saving some pennies, bonus! We fixed batons painted with Ammonite to the walls, then sat the shelving on top and screwed them in place, so the fixing are invisible. Neat eh?

I think they look pretty damn good for something made from nothing, what about you? 


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