How to add contemporary zing to an old Parker Knoll style rocking chair

Reupholstered Parker Knoll style chair

I’m over the moon with my newly re-upholstered Parker Knoll style rocking chair, unearthed in a filthy second hand ship in Lancashire last year and now sitting, no, rocking pretty in The Pad. How cool does it look?! I agonised over which fabric to use, eventually plumping for this gorgeous Romo fabric inspired by glass mosaics and called Byzantine Mimosa, in the Zanthina collection. The vivid colour is very 2014, a lovely foil for all the greys and a perfect match to the Farrow & Ball Yellowcake I’ve chosen for the refreshing pop of detail in the room. First I cleaned the woodwork thoroughly then undercoated the frame and gave three coats to the base rocker and sections but not all of the arms, just to add visual interest.

Reupholstered Parker Knoll chair

Reupholstered Parker Knoll chairIt would have been wonderful to help upholster it personally but time was not on my side so I employed the services of a specialist to do it all for me instead. This should cost you circa £150 – £250 per chair dependant on detailing, with the added cost of your material of course. This chair needed 3m and I opted for a luxury fabric as one of my ‘splash-outs’ but if you can’t stretch to buying new & full price cloth, a good tip is to scour eBay or sale shops for something which catches your eye, knowing how much you’ll need first. Or maybe use different fabrics for the back & arms and the seat, with one luxe expensive one then one plain and less costly option.

I adore the patterning of the mirror edge reflecting the intricacy of the fabric pattern, creating when I just brushed the Yellowcake paint lightly over the heavily detailed surface of the frame rather than getting the paint into every crevice. This leaves the darker pattern still visible behind the top colour, a great effect which works with this interior design scheme.

Totally unique customised furniture for the cutest little Pad in Manchester 🙂Reupholstered Parker Knoll chair

Upcycling and painting using Farrow & Ball Yellowcake

If you have any furniture which you’d like upholstering but you’re not sure on fabric choice or upholstery services, get in touch and I can try and point you in the right direction x

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