Impressed by AIRBNB – so social media hot they’re sizzling!

AIRBNB thank you hamper

After popping The Pad on AIRBNB last week, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, never having booked a stay through them or rented out a place before. It’s that thing isn’t it, if you’re not doing something, them surely no-one else is. Only it turns out, loads of people I know have done and are doing! I couldn’t believe that we were away when our very first house guest arrived and I had to leave them in the capable (NOT. EVER.) hands of my dad, known round these parts as Dangerous / Disaster Dave. But he came good, sort of, squeezing them in between his beloved Daily Fail read & a Sunday Tee-off  *rolls eyes*

Everything went really smoothly, good communication and easy payment arrangements. When we got back, we called round to drop more towels, a new iron & a lovely laundry bag and I was surprised to see a box addressed for me at the flats -normally everything gets delivered to the house and I wasn’t expecting anything. Imagine my surprise to find a cute little card inside saying “We saw your tweet & blog and love The Pad, congratulations on your first guest!” That’s so cool! How on the ball are they, clocking the positive social media about them and getting in touch? Well impressed. Top marks for initiative and a great customer service approach 🙂


2 thoughts on “Impressed by AIRBNB – so social media hot they’re sizzling!

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  1. Airbnb is brilliant. I have stayed in AirBNB places in Barcelona and was soo impressed with the standards.

  2. I second that… They have an awesome customer care service! This reminds me of my stay in San Francisco accomplished with their help and assistance. I recommend Airbnb 🙂

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