Do Up Diary #5 : Can you solve the Moregeous Mansion challenge?

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So, here’s the thing. I’d love your input, if you don’t mind. I’ll tell you the problems in Moregeous Mansions, you tell me how you’d solve them. Best one gets a prize. I’m lying. No prize, but a definite blog mention & a big smackeroony should we ever meet πŸ™‚

I’ve got my own ideas, obv, seeing as how that’s my job and all that, but it’d be really interesting to hear others’ views and as I know some super talented people dip in and out of here, I’m hoping some of you fancy a challenge.

  1. There’s only one tiddly bathroom for such a big house and then a downstairs loo next to the kitchen. How would you address this, design wise? Where would you site a new one? Or an extra one?
  2. The kitchen feels all wrong in the core of the house with no views outside and squeezed onto one wall of the room where those dotted lines are. It’s pretty rubbish.
  3. The ‘Stables’ are a completely wasted storage space at the moment, not even used.
  4. The living room feels very disconnected from the current kitchen.
  5. We don’t really need four big bedrooms in the house.
  6. There’s a huge underused loft space accessed by another little room above the 2nd bed, you get to it by going up a short flight of stairs next to it.
  7. We have to walk *miles* to the loo from our bedroom #lazy
  8. The house gets very cold on the ground floor due to very high ceilings and draughty suspended timber flooring.

That’s your challenge kids, no rush but I’d like your feedback by the end of the week, the builders start on Monday πŸ˜‰

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8 thoughts on “Do Up Diary #5 : Can you solve the Moregeous Mansion challenge?

Add yours

  1. Ooh lots to get your teeth into! Well, just here as an amateur, with a few ideas which might or might not be up your street:
    – Bathroom issue, if you’re happy to lose a bedroom then perhaps the second bed space could be used – or even just half of it to enable you to open the other half up to create a big landing space?
    – Depending on how you feel about open plan, could you knock down the wall between the kitchen/living room and have either a joined kitchen/living space or a joined kitchen/diner? Alternatively you could have a clean sweep through the utility/stables area to create a long kitchen with doors onto the garden, and a large living room at the other end.
    – The loft space could become an office area, or just simply storage – you can never have too much!

    Whatever you do will be wonderful I’m sure and I’m excited to follow the results!

  2. Hi Sian

    If you don’t need 4 bedrooms I would make bedroom 2 into a luxury en-suite and the bathroom into a shower room. Extra bedroom could be found in the attic space.

    Downstairs very tricky! But would change the layout.

    Shed – Shower and WC

    Stables – Entire space used for a kitchen (or leave kitchen where it is and make this the dining room)

    Kitchen – Dining room

    Dining Room – Spare room or maybe your office space?

    It’s difficult without physically seeing the space

    It’s very exciting

    Andrea xx

    1. That’s both you and Becky on the 2nd Bed as bathroom, very interesting both of you imagined that could happen. Andrea, let me tell you, you are VERY close to the plans. You’re in the wrong job hon, you should be an interior designer!! x

  3. We removed our timber floors, put loads of kingspan down (from second hand co so not too expensive) and fitted water underfloor heating (fed by gshp). Rooms always feel much warmer than the thermometer says and no draughts.
    If you have the land, gshp well worth considering, especially now RHI payments available.
    I would be tempted to move the stairs as they are just in the way but maybe thats not possible.

    1. Super practical suggestions Les, as you are an expert self builder, I expected nothing less! We have very deep subfloors…. you’ll like what’s been sourced a lot.
      Moving the stairs – too expensive!! I’m not made of money you know πŸ˜‰

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