Do Up Diary #5.5: Shipping Container Heaven at StoreBox

Big deliberations this week about what to do with everything from inside the house whilst works are going on. Pretty much every room is being worked on so boxing up and storing in one room is out, especially as the one room least affected will be the one we’re living in. I suppose we could’ve build a bed of boxes and stuck a mattress on top but that felt like taking economising a step too far.

It boiled down to two choices, a shipping container in the garden or hiring external storage but there were problems with both. The former would have been brilliant. Upside? Everything out of the house but still on site. Downside? A hulking great chunk of steel on the lawn for four months plus although daily rates were good at £2.25 plus VAT, the delivery charge was £160 each way #ouch

External storage didn’t appeal for one main reason. Different parts of the house will be ready at different times and the thought of all our stuff being inside a great big warehouse and having to navigate corridors or transport every time I wanted to grab another box or item of furniture wasn’t appealing. Then someone mentioned drive up storage, literally a fully locked and secure shipping container which you drive your car up to whenever you want and load or unload at your convenience – perfect!! And, they had a squirrel poster. I love squirrels.

2014-08-08_0001One phone call to the lovely Sally at Trafford Park’s StoreBox and we were sold. Reasonable rates, friendly service and a dry, safe place for all my Moregeous bits and pieces 🙂


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