Do Up Diary #6 : Moregeous Mansions, the West Wing revealed!

I’m so excited to be posting, after 13yrs owning her and 8 dusty, dilapidated years living in her, the plans for the resurrection of Moregeous Mansions from a rental disaster back to a beautiful home. She was once very grand and called Tatton Villa, don’t you know, with her own stables and large orchard to boot, but years of creeping suburban living, development, studentification and neglect resulted in much less land and a very, very tired interior. A lot of deliberation has gone into should we stay or should we sell, many families have left Fallowfield under the relentless onslaught of student living but the upside is it’s such a fantastic house & garden, in such a convenient location and we simply aren’t postcode snobs. Luckily we don’t have student immediate neighbours to our house so we don’t suffer too much!

Nowhere else locally could we get such bang for our buck in the sense of space for the money, and with all the exciting things I’ve got planned like design courses, foodie events and DIY lessons, we certainly need the space. Anyhow…… enough of all that, what’s the plan?!!

Existing and Proposed Moregeous MansionsIt’s a bit ambitious #eek and includes pretty much everything: every room, every floor, every square inch of brickwork and even every roof tile. The biggest changes will occur to the West Wing above, the smaller, lower section of the property which is, wait for it…… being completely demolished & replaced with a new extension!! I’ve decided on this for two main reasons: 1 – it’s already falling down as a result of subsidence, poor brickwork, a bulging chimney and cracked drains and 2 – I want to bring the house into the 21st century and make it liveable and desirable for another 1ooyrs. Mindful of the past though, we’ll be reusing all the slates from the roof and keeping the original design, plus salvaging the original bricks to re-use too. Guess who’ll be cleaning all the bricks #doh

What’s your opinion on these big changes? I’m a big heritage fan but am simply not prissy about keeping something if it just doesn’t work, unless there are overwhelming historical and architectural reasons for preservation, which I didn’t consider there to be here. Some people might say if you’re going to take down something 150yrs old you should be radical and not even try to nod to the past but for my own home, I wanted the two sections to blend together and not sit in juxtaposition. Hnece I was quite particular with the design and when our architects presented two very contemporary glass box type extensions as alternatives for replacement, they didn’t seem right. Instead I asked them to design something more traditional in external appearance which fitted with the rest of the property but allowed a contemporary feel inside. Hence you can see the two new dormer type windows to the new West Wing bedrooms which will sit above a large 9m long kitchen replacing where the stables used to be and accessed from the garden by 7 huge, glass paned folding doors. At the end will sit a utility room for when we’re site or garden mucky, for washing tools, equipment and ourselves, and also a new garage / work room. I love the finished designs and so did the planners, it sailed through and work starts tomorrow!

The scaffolding is up and Mr M & I are already wiped out from emptying our jam packed home into a distant shipping container. Years of working in property and interiors means you collect a LOT of stuff and it’s all had to be sorted through, boxed up and taken off site to allow building works to commence. But it’s not just the West Wing, the rest of our home is undergoing a massive transformation too. I’ll post the main house plans tomorrow, gotta skiddadle, there’s still a few more boxes to pack! x


3 thoughts on “Do Up Diary #6 : Moregeous Mansions, the West Wing revealed!

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  1. The plan looks great to me and the big window doors will definitely give a contemporary style to the entire house. If everything goes as you planned, i am sure that you will love living in it. I am just curious about how the staircase will look inside. Are you going to use glass?
    Good luck!

    1. Hi George, thanks for your comments, I definitely hope to love it 🙂 With regard to the stairs, probably not glass. They are very wide and I’d like ornate spindles I think. I’ll be blogging some stair inspiration, watch out for it and tell me what you think! Sian

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