Let Works Commence #7 : Bertha’s Builder Breakfast & Video Destruction


And so it begins…..

As Hurricane Bertha sweeps across Britain, leaving tail winds, rain and general non-summer type destruction, what’s happening here, yep, the roof of the West Wing is coming off! Sparky Kev was just here to disconnect all the electrics from that side of the house and commented that he’d seen all sorts of lethal stuff in his career but not ever in the same square metre. So heartening. Nails going through wires, scalding central heating pipes burning through cables, it’s a wonder we didn’t lose Moregeous Mansions to a fire years ago!

2014-08-11_0001Once disconnected, we then realised that the rest of the first floor lighting is also connected to the West Wing, so not only will, once we lose the bathroom today, we be peeing in a bucket, we’ll be peeing in a bucket in the dark. What fun.

I’ve just cooked my *first batch of bacon butties to give the boys a much needed boost as they strip off all the decorative slate, battens and old felt in the driving rain. The slates will be saved for re-use and new breathable membrane used when the whole wing is reconstructed. It’s actually happening, after all these years, I can’t quite believe it!!



And here’s what it looked like by lunchtime:

2 thoughts on “Let Works Commence #7 : Bertha’s Builder Breakfast & Video Destruction

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  1. You cook them breakfast? That’s kind. Actually, I made ours cake and they didn’t eat it. I’m not sure they are proper builders…

    We’ve knocked down a lean to conservatory and are waiting for the replacement to go up at the moment. We’re daydream-furnishing it in the evenings online 🙂 any suggestions for furnishing a 16sqm orangery?!

    1. Afternoon Gill, definitely not proper builders lol. It’s probably one of the last times I’ll get to use my oven so they struck lucky 😉
      So you’ll have solid walls below and glass above, orangery style? I’d say don’t go for ‘conservatory’ style furniture, it’s a bit passé. Be bold & colourful and make sure you treat it like a proper room not just an addition, as many people do. Tweet me a picture! x

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