Building Site or Modern Art Interactive Experience??

Realised today that I’m totally missing a trick and have this DoUpDiary building site malarkey completely wrong. What was I thinking? It’s not a negative, soul destroying mud field, it’s a potential gold mine! Artist Olafur Eliasson has just opened Riverbed at the Denmark’s Louisiana Museam of Modern Art and I quote

A surface of rocks canvasses the floors, creating a terrain for a stream of water winding through the interior. The piece places an alternative path to the one already anticipated by the architecture: visitors are transported from the typical walk across a tile floor, to steps on top of loose terrain, and finally a course along a river.

2014-08-30_0005Above is a shot of Riverbed and a shot of Moregeous Mansions. I challenge you to tell them apart eh? Eh? I’ll be charging an entrance fee of just £5 per head from Monday, with coffee and pastries a delicious extra. Right here in Manchester, our very own interactive aesthetic loose terrain experience. Olafur, I tip my builder’s hardhat to you, top idea x

I know you’ll *obviously* be here first thing Monday morning for the real deal, but if you’d like to see more of the Danish artwork, here’s the link:


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