Do Up Diary #24 Marble Tea Cup for the Boys?

Heaven in cup form, this’d be a leap of faith wouldn’t it? Gorgeous marble designed mugs would be guaranteed to lift my interior design spirits every time I brew up, which sadly for the build team doesn’t happen as often as they’d like because A) I don’t drink tea or coffee, so B) I forget anyone wants one and C) I’m pretty bad at it anyway!
That said I’m not sure I’d trust these beauties up on the scaffold or balanced on a pile of bricks, we’ve had no breakages just yet but this might *just* be pushing my luck.
It’d be one sure way of upstyling my building site however, even if I bought just one to put my hot chocolate in. Hmmmmm…..IMG_5322

Available at Rockett St George, the on-line shop which I’ll be pillaging when Moregeous Mansions is finished, if you fancy one. PS I haven’t got one, or been sent one, I just loved it #notsponsored 😉

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