Do Up Diary #25 So apparently, now I need a renovation too!

2014-10-03_0003Bit of a shock as not only is Moregeous Mansions getting a renovation but as of this week, I am too. As most home renovators and self-builders will attest, the last thing you need when you finally get going with major works are any health hiccups interfering with the smooth running of a site. Colds & flu get ignored and aches & pains sidelined in the quest for building and design perfection, especially when you’re a self-employed renovator with a business to run and a tonne of other stuff to do.

But life has a funny and rather irritating way of swiping the rug from under your feet sometimes doesn’t it, playing it’s little Here Try This For Size tricks? And so it has been this week, when instead of being here cracking the whip and documenting my build, I’ve been laid up in hospital! Suffice to say my lady builder constitution hadn’t showed a single sign of the raging infection which an ultrasound revealed on Wednesday, no temperature, no fever, no raised markers in blood tests done. I blame the fact I’ve got half plasma, half Red Bull 😉

It was a total surprise, resulting Mr M having to sort my overnight bag as only a man could, complete with manky site shoes, an old cat hair covered dressing gown and no towel, but god love him, he also brought a fab roast chicken picnic as me & hospital food (see below) really don’t get on.


So I, the ultimate control freak, had to leave my beloved Moregeous Mansions to Mr M and the lads and, let me tell you, that left me with more cold sweats than any illness ever could. And yep, they teased me about it too, the sods….2014-10-03_0002

And worse, I’ve got go back on bloody Monday for an operation so I’ll have to leave site AGAIN!! Never mind nuclear strength antibiotics, I need valium!


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