Do Up Diary #34 A Rainy West Wing Panoramic

Getting there!

Today started off so well! Bright sunshine, blue skies and though it’s all turned to mud again, so much has been done in this last week or so I wouldn’t dare complain. Check out my panoramic!! For the first time looking at it from under a rain splashed umbrella, it all looks joined up and you get a sense of what it’ll look like when complete. The fishtail slating is almost complete on both the garage roof and little utility which joins it to the main kitchen. The scaffolders came today to raise up the scaffolding from a bricklayers lift to a roofers one, as joinery work carries on to build the dormers (all three of them!). I swear we will be single handedly ensuring profits at Fallowfield Timber this autumn with the amount of wood being used, but don’t they look fab already. Can’t quite believe it’s my house really, after so many years of living with a falling down, unusable West Wing. It’s WICKED!! A bit like my nails….

Slate dust filled nail - yuk!
Slate dust filled nails – yuk!

No wonder Mr M felt the need to stand back and admire our handiwork, I’m so proud that we’ve got stuck in and helped with the roofing. Never done it before in all my years in property, there’s always a first time for everything. One of the local landlords who we see around all the time pulled up outside the house to comment today on how nice the pattern looked, Mr M was well chuffed 🙂

Man cave....
Admiring his man cave (or so he thinks) ….

Talking of wicked, there’s no rest for us. Rain has stopped play so it’s off to The Pad to prep for tonight’s guests. Think it might have to be a takeaway tonight, I haven’t the energy for anything else, especially after being up in the middle of the night. The cheeky monkey next door’s black cat keeps coming into our ripped out living room through holes in the new kitchen wall, just to wind Missy up I think, as cats do. He got more than he bargained for at 3am when he set the alarm off and had a naked Mr M plus baseball bat fling open the hallway door. Pooped himself and tore around the room several times before disappearing back under the floor. We *must* block those gaps up!!!

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