Review: Blitzing up a Smoothie Wars Ninja storm

Getting back on track with a healthy site breakfast!

Living without a kitchen is proving a challenge but I’m doing my best to still cook fresh food using only an oven. Seriously, you don’t realise how much you use a hob, how important work surface is and how handy running water on the same floor as your limited cooking facilities are until you’ve lost them! For one week, for two at a push, but it’s been three months now and will be at least three more.

So when an invite popped through to take part in #SmoothieWars and try out a new super special, high whizzin compact juicer/blender, my eyes lit up. I’ve already got a blender but it’s huge and has proven impractical to wash up in the teeny washing up bowl we’re limited to right now. I’ve missed my morning smoothies and haven’t really been looking after my recently poorly body nutrient wise. It’s starting to show in my skin and hair, already battered by dust and I just don’t feel great, like I need a boost.

As you can see above, I’m well & truly sold. This little pocket rocket has been put to use in the Moregeous office already this morning, whizzing up a healthy cocktail of strawberries, melon, banana, frozen blueberries and a touch of orange juice.

That is one healthy table!
That is one healthy table!

Nine bloggers went smoothie to smoothie last night in the very cute indie The Post Box Cafe in Chorlton, raiding a huge table laden with fruit and veg, packing our Ninjas, setting them to a 49sec blitz then comparing and marking each others to find the Supreme Smoothie Sorceress. The Ninja was described as compact but powerful, so we clearly have a lot in common 😉 Of all nine juices, only one person went for green, all the rest were varying shades of pink and purple.

Nutri Ninja Smoothie Wars
Smoothie shot by Jen, @EnglishRoseManc

I stuck with the stalwarts of apple, banana, strawberries and pineapple but then lost the plot adding spinach, white chocolate and a slug of Bucks Fizz. Cannot believe I came 3rd, I knew I shouldn’t have gone all Popeye.

Nutri Ninja Blogger Smoothie wars
Smiles masking the Ninja warrior competitiveness 😉

On a technical level I was well impressed with the Ninja. 1000watts of power easily pluses, blends and juices not only frozen ice and berries in under a minute but also does whole fruit and veg, skin & pips included, nuts and seeds. You pop everything in the clear cup, soft items first and then harder/bigger items like ice, full apples or stringy veg at the top, then screw on the blade lid. The blades are so strong they literally mash the ice in seconds, way faster, easier and quieter than any blender I’ve user before.  As the amount is set per portion when you fill the cup, there’s a timer which Blends for soft items and Ultra Blends for more fibrous or frozen ingredients. You simply press the button and leave it to do it’s stuff.

With a normal blender I’ve always had to decant the smoothie into another cup but with this one you can unscrew the handily small blades for washing and screw a different lid with a drinking nozzle on to take it with you to the gym, on the school run, to work or in my case, up on a roof! Pretty nifty and an excellent idea.

The Post Box Cafe, Chorlton Nutri Ninja Smoothie Wars evening
Rapt bloggers get instructions from Mr Post Box Cafe

On a very sneaky level, I’ve also used it this lunch time to blend up a courgette with some chicken gravy and add it too a spag bol mix for our jacket spuds. Mr M hates and point blank refuses to eat them, but I love them. You could not even see a hint of courgette. Total result. Don’t tell him, will you, I’ve a feeling courgettes are back on the menu. On a more serious note, how good is this for getting veg into fussy kids? It blends to such an extend that there are no ‘bits’ for them to complain about!

N.B. I get asked to include / feature lot of stuff through the Moregeous blog and refuse most of it. Anything which actually makes it on here I genuinely rate, use and am happy to recommend. For taking part in the Smoothie Wars and being filmed, we bloggers weren’t paid a fee or expenses, but were each gifted a Nutri Ninja. Plus the overall winner of the battle got a whole host of other goodies so none of us are speaking to her anymore 😉 

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  1. I have been looking at those cute ones, that to-go feature is spectacular. My fav recipy is green apple, lemon, avocado, celery and half an inch of ginger. Sounds a bit too nutritios but is quite good!

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