Do Up Diary #43 Break On Through To The Other Side!

View on the 1st floor in the new West Wing with it’s pitched roof, looking back to the corridor to the main house

Finally! After four months of non-stop work to the new extension section of Moregeous Mansions, we’re finally breaking through and connecting what has felt like two separate buildings for so very long. We never properly used ‘the West Wing’, in Georgian then Victorian then Edwardian times it was a stables and servants quarters no less but after years of neglect by previous owners had become damp, unsafe and had subsidence. It was full of poky little rooms used only for storage and general dumping but now it really feels part of the house and it’s time to connect it back to the main section and open up the linking corridors.

This view above is on the first floor looking back to the connecting corridor. The old ceiling and entrance need to be made higher to allow for the changed levels of the new build and that’s what’s happening today. It’s nigh on impossible to do this with drawings as you don’t know what you’ll find til you open up so it’s a case of rip it out and work with what we’ve got.

Below, where I’m standing is at the entrance of the corridor looking back into the main house up into the main roof void (for those of you who’ve been here, outside where the bathroom was!). The corridor ceiling is gone, which means in the room above – which used to be my office and is now the mezzanine level in the new daddy dormer – the floor is gone too! The A Team need to form a new step into that room from the main house internal staircase and then at the same time a new corridor ceiling. Not as simple as it sounds as there are stairs also incorporated into the upper dormer level to be factored in. Bit of a challenge for a Monday.

By the end of today, this corridor will have a ceiling, of sorts 🙂

Moving up a level this is the view from where my office desk used to be looking back to the door into this new highest dormer from the main house, on the left, and on the right, the view into the dormer window section, currently protected from sleet and snow by a sheet of membrane. yep, it’s Very Cold up here. 2014-12-08_0001

Eventually I’ll connect the two levels with a gorgeous winding half landing staircase but for now it’s just the main structure going in. When I very first saw this house, I loved all the higgledy piggledy levels…. it’s a good job isn’t it 😉
2014-12-08_0002Mr M has worked so hard to rip out all the lath & plaster ceilings and expose everything for me to try and design from. He’s my mucky hero x10411127_739823382762451_7419056469083170864_n

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