Bring on the Builder Bird Birthday :)

Lady builder on roof How else could a lady builder spend her birthday when she has no kitchen to make delicious nibbles in, no bathroom to luxuriate & soak away her cares in and no living room to lounge lazily reading magazines and drinking fizz? Yep, of course, get up on a roof and cement in some lead flashing, build up a brick wall in the Daddy Dormer and knock old plaster off the rest of the chimney breast! How little they know me, those people saying they expected I’d be having a day off – don’t they know we’ve got a Moregeous Mansion project to finish!

2014-12-10_0002Loved the way Mr M’s addressed his card to me, though I’m not so sure I made them look good by the end of yesterday. On arrival at Didsbury Life’s house for my special treat, a birthday bubbly bath, I was told I looked like the Wild Woman of Borneo. Clearly not my finest or most glamorous hour, that’s what friend are for eh, honesty.
2014-12-10_0001What with a hearty beef stew, a gorgeous giant brownie cake baked by a very kind neighbour, a hot bath and all my cards and gifts, I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday. Ok, next year it might be fab to actually be able to sit, cook and wash in my own home but hey, those are mere details 😉

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