Do Up Diary Review: The ‘Gap Tape’ from Tape Store

The Tape Store Gap Tape reviewI love getting personal recommendations for products, especially when the products are practical, affordable and make life easier! Whilst tweeting a few weeks ago about all the rigid insulation we have piled up at Moregeous Mansions to fit in our new timber frame dormers, I was told about a handy product called the Gap Tape, design to make measuring awkward spaces and gaps much easier. It’s slightly more expensive than your normal tape measure (just under £12) but here’s the thing… it’s great. It took me a few goes to get my head around it but once it’s clicked, it’s a doodle. Look below:The Advent Gap TapeIt’s double sided, 5m in length and one side is exactly like a regular tape measure, as shown by the top two images in the collage above, so you can use it just as you would do a normal tape.

However look at the bottom two images. Instead of starting at zero, it starts at 8cm, which allows for the body of the tape measure itself. So when you pop it in the gap to be measure, instead of trying to curve or fold the actually measure length to get a reading, the whole body and ruler fits in the gap, as in the very top image on this post, where the total gap is 36cm.

You might think what’s the point, but honestly, when you’re balanced on trestles measuring a ceiling gap or space between two rafters, this neat little buy is so handy. It’s made our fitting of many, many cuts of Kinsgspan a whole lot easier. This is just one of the dormers below and these are the simple bits, fairly straight and uniform, we’ve got a whole loads of triangles and jigsaw like pieces to work out yet!

Kingspan rigid insulation in timber dormer ceiling and roof

Highly recommended for those of you looking to make a fiddly home DIY job easier or professionals who regularly have to measure lots of gaps. Thumbs up from Team Moregeous 🙂

Advent Gap Tape review

Find it HERE if you fancy giving it a go.

I was sent this one to review by the Tape Store after I was tweeted the recommendation but would have happily bought it and was just about to. Doubtless I’ll lose this one as tape measures don’t last long around here and I’ll definitely buy another when that happens!

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