Reveal: My Indust-Lux Dining Room

Aaaaaaaaaand, relax. We can finally sit on soft seating, lean at a comfy angle, grab a plate, invite some pals over and eat dinner in comfort. In all our twelve years in this house, we've never had a great dining room. That's not to say we've never had great dinners, either as a family or... Continue Reading →

Moregeous Monday Moments

What a crazy month. Literally crazy. I read over the last MMM posted in October and it feels like a year ago. ¬†We've been working on clients jobs, on Moregeous Mansions and during that time got word that the BBC show we contributed to earlier this year had finally got a transmission date. We'd started... Continue Reading →

Jobman Workwear For Lady Builder Bums

Our work pants go through a lot at Moregeous Manisons. Three years ago I casually packed up all my 'nice' clothes and confidently stored them in a shipping container in Trafford Park, along with all our furniture, books and kitchen paraphernalia. Confidently because I figured they'd be in there for, ooooooo, I guessed around 10-12... Continue Reading →

Moregeous Monday Moments

It's probably now official (according to this blog) that there's only a Monday every fortnight 'cause yep, I missed a week last week. Again! But we're working so hard, I can be excused from blogging, surely? The house is coming on in leaps and bounds! As winter sets in properly, thank goodness we have actual... Continue Reading →

Do Up Diary: Bringing The Outside In

Are you feeling toasty tonight as the temperatures drop and the sleet sets in? Got¬†the heating turned up a couple of notches? You lucky devil you. Seriously, I love that you've got your hygge on and I know I'll be¬†hygge'd up with you very, very soon but just for now¬†take a look at this and... Continue Reading →

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